Monday, September 11, 2006

Insta-Scores on the Filing

The filing with the USADA Review Board happened, covered here. Saturday I posted a scorecard for how well the defense would do on launch day. Here, I score the items on the list. This is unscientific opinion. If you think he's guilty, then I am generous; if convinced he is a saint, I'm stingy.

The Filing

  1. Did they actually make the filing? YES +1
  2. Is the filing available to read in its entirety? NO 0
  3. Is there an accurate summary of the filing available? Yes, probably accurate +1.
  4. Is the filing full of conspiracy/agenda related smoke (points deduction)? NO +1
  5. If there are chain of custody complaints, are they really substantive? eg: Do they make us think it likely the wrong sample got tested, or was tampered with? Did the ID numbers of the tested sample match the doping control form when all is said and done, ignoring the stuff in the middle? Unclear; CoC problems, but claimed as indicative of sloppiness, not tampering. +1/2
  6. If there are T/E test complaints, do they seem likely to have resulted in errors in the results? Are the complaints explained in terms of how they change the results? Unclear from detail in summary. +1/2
  7. If there are problems with the CIR tests, would they really have changed the results? Are the complaints explained in terms of how they change the results? If the summary is to be believed, yes. +1/2
Insta-Score: 4-1/2 of 7; disappointing.

Supporting Documents
  1. Is the full 370 page lab report available for examination? No.
  2. Is there a roadmap to the lab report available? No.
  3. Are the original AAF forms available for examination? No.
Insta-Score: 0/3, failure.

Substantive Questions
  1. Have any of Landis's other samples from the tour been tested? Not addressed in summary. Interviews today say were at least partly tested.
  2. Are those results available? No, Landis hasn't received them, according to interview.
  3. Has Landis done any tests since the tour? Not addressed.
  4. If so, are those results available? Not applicable
Insta-score: 1-1/2 of 2 attempted.

Public Relations

There's only been the one press release so far, so most of this is moot for now.
  1. How many spokespeople are there? Are they confused, or all on message?
  2. Is Floyd doing another round of appearances and interviews?
  3. Does he talk about conspiracy and agendas (deduction)?
  4. Does he offer theoretical explanations not in the filing (deduction)?
  5. Does he say "Like I said before..." (deduction)?
  6. Does he say "at this point in time" (deduction)?
  7. Does he talk about his dog (deduction)?
  8. Does he get into cross-network pissing matches about exclusivity (deduction)?
  9. Does he bring anyone with him to TV interviews? Do they help the presentation?
  10. Does he do hardball interviews, or only softies?
  11. Does TBV get plugged (bonus points)? No, drat!
  12. In sum, does it seem honest and transparent, or does it look like something is being hidden?
Insta-score: 0/0 attempted.

Likely or Tricky Questions

Ditto, moot for now.
  1. If anyone asks, "did you do it?", does he give a straight answer?
  2. If other accused athletes are raised, how does he handle it? Is he evasive?
  3. If asked, "how dirty is cycling", is he evasive?
  4. If asked, "If you thought another rider, Fred Farkle, was doping, what would you do?", does he have a good answer?
  5. If asked what he can do to clear his name and reputation, does he have a good answer?
  6. If asked how much the defense costs, does he have an answer?
  7. If asked how much the charges have cost him in income, does he have an answer?
  8. If asked what team he will be with next year, does he have a good answer?
  9. If asked if he can retire now, does he have an answer?
  10. If asked, "are the French out to get you", how good is the answer? Does he piss off the whole French nation, or just the director of the LNDD?
  11. If asked about Lemond, does he have a gracious answer?
  12. If asked about WADA and Dick Pound, does he have a gracious answer? Deduct for grenade throwing.
  13. If asked about help from Lance, does he have a good answer?
  14. If asked about the media coverage, does he throw grenades or act graciously?
  15. When is he going to do his hip?
  16. Does he plug TBV (triple bonus points)? No, dammit!
Insta-score: 0/0 attempted.

Current Score:

7/12. "Try again," says the magic 8-ball.

Incomplete. What is present doesn't seem wrong, but so far it is unconvincing.


Anonymous said...

If in fact the confirming "B" test was done on a sample number that was not assigned to Landis, then isn't the case closed? It means quite clearly that the lab reported a "B" test done on someone else's blood.

DBrower said...

It might be, if it was conclusvely the case. I don't think they're relying on that at this point, because it's necessary to show the other problems as well.