Sunday, September 10, 2006

Stuff on Sunday

Bizarre headline: "Floyd Landis Asks For Mercy".
Did the guy who wrote it even read the article?

Where's the beef?, wonders Columbia, Wash. paper.

Floyd seen at Pennsylvania Criterium, yesterday, speaks cycling with CyclingNews. Also mentioned in this blog's report on the event. Going to a better time zone for Monday morning interviews?

Blog action
Endless Cycle says dump Pound, read Rant and TBV
Mr. Bag takes a wait and see.
Rant goes after Pound and dumb columnists.
Gods of Sport hoping Jacobs goes 2 for 2.
Trekking Rider notices Floyd signs by the road, thinks he was framed.

Forum buzz
BBC forums here and here are skeptical about Jones and the UCLA lab, being an "American conflict of interest." Also, that Floyd is pathetic questioning the integrity of the LNDD. Finally, that TBV should have something better to do than follow this. Ouch.

On a forum I won't link, a poster pronounces, "If he'd not abandoned God, he'd not be in this mess."

Bicycling Forums get the problem with Wadler's whitewash.

Topix forums anticipate smoke blowing, selective disclosure, hearing and eventual sanction. I am roughed up, but hanging in.

A tour longer than 3 weeks, for perspective. Stretches Armstrong/Landis hook, but...

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