Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday Roundup

Floyd at Mercury While awaiting the final reports on the A and B samples to arrive, TBV is going to ramp down the scrounge for data for a while. I'll still post what I come across, and respond to mail etc., but be a little less pro-active about digging. If you find something, please send it along.

While waiting, you might look at the CURRENT STATUS PAGE, which was updated and expanded over the weekend.

Mostly old news:

Dirty Mercury, above from Graham Watson, photo-genius. Man, those old helmets were fugly. Behind Mercury, in Feb 99.

Ishmael Boorg, in Blogcritics from Jul 28.

Why I can't stand Dick Pound, from ScienceBlogs on Aug 8.

Science info, not new, courtesy supportfloyd.com; Alan Brandon, PhD, head of an isotope geochemistry lab at the Johnson Spaceflight Center, deciphers the Aguilera report on CIR.
In particular, he says that CIR should be stable for a long time, and other samples from the Tour should show the same things if not contaminated. He advises validating the data at another lab, and testing the other samples.

Then, Paul Marker, PhD, a specialist in testosterone in prostate cancer research, writes a letter to Cyclingnews, has some theories about why the Cortisone injections are very relevant, with some advice to get samples of stomach enzymes before the hip surgery.

Other Science outlined at Pure Pedantry, last updated on Aug 14; he gave up the ghost with the CIR result, and was skeptical of the TE values as well.

Journalistic Malpractice, says blogger about Larry King's interview on Jul 28, plus discussion.

Won't be easy, but would like him innocent, said Behind The Jersey on Jul 31.

There's always a local angle, Oklahoma paper touts T reaserch in the 50's.

More bitching about Comments at Floyd.com, on Aug 24th. from blogger.

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