Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Fishwrap

EPO positive invalidated by experiment, the case of Rutger Beke from 2004, more details here. He was able to prove the analytical result was the result of natural production.

Friday Letters to Cycling News. Dick knows best; Dick should shut up; isn't doing his job; remember Joe McCarthy; What tests did they run?; Modahl's case second guessed; McQuaid sounding like Dick; Name sources or get life ban; Polygraph unreliable; Jake isn''t Lance; Natural process seems possible x2; Could have been the cortisone; Why Landis, Ullrich out of rankings, not Basso, Botero? Why not allergy medication? Ullrich trial by media.

The key items in the letters column above are the 'natural process' letters; some good reading there about cortisone. On the other hand, this page is ref'd by earlier Corante discussion that says it seems unlikely.

Bunch of Letters, in Floyd's local Temecula Valley News, probably in response to this article from Aug 19: Testimonial from friend with a Floyd/LeMond story; This paper is in Homer denial; Evidence says he did it, deal; Article was rare in reserving judgement; Why don't we hear more about the defense?; It's a consipiracy or he's a good liar; Thanks for being fair.

PR Story was very popular at Spinopsys, with numerous comments. Still kvetching the comments that are turned off at I'm cool, leave them here.

LeMond speaks, in long podcast interview, ref'd in Bicycling BBS thread.

Teammate Perdiguero reconsiders retirement, after abandoning Vuelta (Eurosport), and at ProCycling.

BMC moves on to Swiss based Astana, sez Pez.
Zabriskie facial hair going Floyd, while winning USPro TT observes Pez. Must not be an aero problem. Also at DailyPeloton.

Play it right either way, says blogger.
Liked the Wink better than the posturing, says RunningDoctor

Gangsta Floyd Rap, video; collection of one liners.
Still my Hero, gushes blogger.

In the ludicrous stage, said blogger on Aug 7.
Ludicrous example: Landis Marrriage Profile from

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