Monday, September 04, 2006

Holiday Monday

We should all be riding not staring at screens.

That said,

Cycling makes legends, dope hunting doesn't, from French Blog in charming machine translation.

Comment in one of the Corante discussions makes two suggestions, (1) try to run the tests at another lab for a consistency check. I don't know if this is allowed or possible, but it seems like a good idea; (2) to check for tampering, "one could look for all the metabolites of testosterone and determine their isotope ratios. If they are not off, then the T was never in Landis' body." But it isn't clear if that test is really feasible.

In an alternate reality, Arizona Republic says Landis has already been stripped of his TdF title.

Chemical Engineering article discussed, in Daily Peloton forums.

Dugard wants Floyd to win, because he doesn't like Oscar.

Floyd would be a cycling Andre Agassi, if it weren't for the doping, says blogger.

Dirty biker in the dirtiest sport, rants blogger.

[update 21:01]