Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Roundup

PezCycling News Eurotrash Thursday notes Christian Prudhomme's dissatisfaction with the delays in the Landis hearing, and the month of March for the hearings keeps inexplicabily coming up.

Procycling also picks up the thread from the 1/30/07 ESPN story about Landis's disappointment at not racing this year. Better late than never.

Belgian DeMorgen 24/7 headline reads (translated): Lelangue: "Floyd Landis betrayed me". Machine translation of the text reads:

Former plough LEADER John Lelangue feels himself run out on Floyd Landis. The belgian won last summer with its American raspaardje the round of France, but polite immediately afterwards the absolute ontnuchtering Phonak-kopman were then caught on the use of testosteron.

"it was an enormous disenchantment, Landis have really betrayed me", Lelangue look back. I was the first which in him praised as a LEADER of a plough. He was the renner whom I it most succeeded. I looked at visited already its training camps to already its games. I had real faith in him, but that was entirely shamed. What it still more terrible makes am that Floyd knew my vision on cycling racing and knew how much importance I attached to ethics.

After bursting out the matter Lelangue had no contact with Landis during four months. I had made him clear that he there stood in front only, that I had faith in the analyses of the labo and that it was defend himself him, without my support. It was not zaak-Landis and zaak-Phonak. Just in the kerstperiode names the two again contacts with each other. But we have no longer had it concerning the affair. I want only know how it was with its family.

In spite of this onverkwikkelijke matter Lelangue have still a heart for cycling racing. I have got none aversion of cycling racing. I am even optimistic concerning the future of the sport. But it is a small minority to which she provides a bad name. Each time an impostor is unmasked, I find that it an obstacle which we must take again in cycling racing are able believe., is

Concerning its own future exists for the still but 36 person whose birthday it is Lelangue after shutting down Phonak in October either clarity. I am still as a consultant of the French-speaking person tv-zender RTBF active in cycling racing. That me gives the chance about 100 days per year in the environment of staying. But I do not hide that it my ultimate ambition is again at a plough to the battle go, thus still Lelangue. (belga/dm)

Dugard confirms that Floyd Landis will be attending the Endurance Sports Award Banquet in San Diego this weekend and will be awarded the Cyclist of the Year:
If we manage to get a few pops into Floyd before he walks up to the podium to accept, look for a defiant speech in front of a partisan crowd. That alone will be worth the price of admission.

Rant discusses the merits of yesterday's DP interview with Travis Tygart, and concludes that in the end it may be more about winning and losing than finding the truth.

Spinopsys takes a different view of the DP Tygart piece. Having been on the side of the authorities in the Landis case all along, he likes the tune that Tygart is singing.

Dobovedo's journal asks the question about Landis will he or won't he? (ride that is)

ThroughTh3Wall gives us part 5 and part 6 of Tales from Temecula. Good stuff.

Thought for the Day
If your friend is already dead, and being eaten by vultures, I think it's okay to feed some bits of your friend to one of the vultures, to teach him to do some tricks. But ONLY if you're serious about adopting the vulture. -jh-