Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Roundup

The IHT posts an AP blurb about the Landis biography, "Positively False" due out in June ahead of the start of the Tour de France:

The book, published by Simon Spotlight Entertainment, will tell his life story and include details of growing up as in a family that are members of the Christian Mennonite sect and his passion for cycling.

Simon and Schuster has more details about the publication of the book as does .

Letters to VeloNews start to understand reasons why Landis refused more B sample tests.

Floyd at gives an update on how his hip is functioning, and gives a shout out to the "world famous" Nessy Burger! posts a creative Landis response to his recent "exclusion" from the 2007 Tour de France.

Sports Law Blog
notes that Dick Pound was reprimanded by the IOC Ethics Commission on Friday for his 2005 comments on Lance Armstrong's alleged use of EPO in 1999, and we were reminded of Pound's impolitic "Roid Floyd" remark from last year. Despite this Pound still insists that he be able to use methods other than test results:
Yet, Pound continues to insist that WADA needs to "use every weapon" necessary to eliminate doping in sports– including the use of "non-analytic positives," or findings of violations based on circumstantial evidence rather than actual positive drug tests.

The Track and Field Super Blog got it right when they (gleefully) note a children's book idea from SI's "10 Spot" as the perfect snark. We may nominate it for a "Snarky" award.

Rant discusses sponsorship using Discovery's problems as an example, and the skittishness towards possible scandal.

Still Digging has had it with cycling because of dopers.

thinks you're a fool if you give your hard earned money to "FLandis." He also cautions that we should not necessarily listen to him.

Complete slide show of Pix from NYVeloCity's Roller Races w/Landis appearance.

Dugard thinks the additional B sample request was a transparent attempt to make Landis look bad.

The Pickoff compares PEDs to using unapproved parts in your NASCAR engine, and wonders if fans really care. Three cars were impounded at Daytona for infractions.

At DPF, Tom Fine wonders about the reason for the B sample request. He suspects that if USADA thinks the CIR case is in trouble, they may be attempting to build a longitudinal T/E case, late in the day, and maybe they need B sample tests for that. Others question this, because they should have had all they'd need for that from the A sample tests, which leaves the reason for the requested Bs as unclear as before.

Thought for the Day
"I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it." -jh-


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