Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

Quoted Quote of the Day

As a great woman once said: "It's hard to argue against cynics -- they always sound smarter than optimists because they have so much evidence on their side." (link)

The truly captures the absurd when they say that Barry Bonds tested positive for Floyd Landis. Satire indeed!

NPR covers the Slipstream Chipotle program. Paul Scott of ACE draws lots of blood, every three days. Plan is to determine if a rider is clear to race before the fact, rather than WADA post-facto testing. ACE sponsors are paying for it. Landis case is mentioned as a motivation, and Vaughters tap-dances around his own history.

CyclingPost does another of its interesting mashups, saying Lance and Floyd are both going to be on a 50 week testing program. It sounds like Slipstream and ACE, with the Landis/Armstrong involvement either a new element, or a misreading of something.

VeloNews has the press release on the publication of the Landis biography "Positively False". With the William Morris agency behind you , how can you go wrong?

Mercury News reports that the Amgen Tour of California is going to do $400 EPO tests on all samples, "because it's the right thing to do." Landis references included, and he exists rather than being a non-person.

Blogs announces that Simon Spotlight Entertainment will publish his upcoming biography,"Positively False":
Floyd Landis said, “I am grateful to SSE for giving me this opportunity. After months of having my life condensed into sound-bites and two-minute interviews, I’m looking forward to having the space to share the details of my life and tell the story of how I won the Tour de France fair and square.”

Rant notes that Dick Pound won't give up and isn't repentant in the least:

I hate to tell you this, Lance, but don’t count on it. As Pound told Reuters, “If Lance thinks this is going to make me go away he is sadly mistaken.”

Floyd Landis and others should take note. Pound latches onto ideas and issues like a pitbull latches onto its victims. And he lets go about as easily. Just because a case may be settled, don’t expect that Dick Pound won’t keep hammering away at it.

TdFBlog notes that almost every American you'd want to see will be starting the Tour of California, except...

The Rad Perspective is frustrated, and thinks that cycling has turned into a war zone.

Jayzworld cover lots of topics, but asks just who IS Floyd Landis, and when is Lance coming back?

Dugard wonders why people can't see through the USADA request for Landis B samples.

Pommi has decided that Dick Pound thinks Landis is an easy target, and he's wrong.

The Elegant Variation
notes that Floyd Landis has written a book that will NOT be titled "If I Did It"

Snark O' the Day
DonQuixote goes for (Mrs.) Zabriskie, after riffing on DZ about the Bicycling interview with Landis.

At RBR, Dan Connely runs down ToC events including the FFF on Sunday.


Duckstrap said...

I have to say that I really admire Vaughter's approach, i.e. if something is out of whack, you don't compete until your markers are back in line with what should be expected. For someone with wide fluctuations due to PEDs, the punitive aspect is that you rarely get to compete--can't achieve results, wash out of the sport. In addition, obviously, then, if WADA turns up with an AAF, there is a detailed profile showing the expected range for that individual. The standards for an enforcement laboratory would need to be at least as high as the independant lab, otherwise, they look like amateurs. Finally, ACE should be in a great position to publish the distributions of metabolic parameters on well-scrutinized elite athletes.

Theresa said...

"Jayzworld" is a joke, for a cycling fan! That's why you included that blog, isn't it,TBV?? Just for the laugh...:) said...

We are shocked, shocked to hear someone suggest we would include something with humor. This is a serious situation. There is nothing funny in it, and anyone who finds levity anywhere in the this mess is a sad, sick individual.


Theresa said...

TBV, I guess it's not good behavior to leave really nasty comments on someone's blog when they've BASHED one of your favorite cyclist's, to the point, that "you" had to stop reading??
I'm not supposed to do things like that, right?? said...

Theresa, I wouldn't dream of telling you how to behave on another web site, especially if you don't leave a pointer back here.

What I usually do when confronted a particularly uninformed site is gently correct the proprieter to suggest he may not have current information, that things are not necessarily as they appeared in the first rush of news, and that more information can be obtained at link to TBV

If the guy is just gonna be a jerk, there's not much you can do, but if he's willing to look, I don't want him antagonized by what I wrote.

And it's almost always a guy.

I think chicks dig Floyd, almost universally.


Michael said...

I'm surprised there hasn't been much banter about Floyd's new book.

I find it AWESOME he's writing a book and is releasing it right before the tour. He's going to spill the beans about the inner workings of being a pro cyclist re: doping (according to the press release).

I bet Mr. McQuaid, the UCI, WADA, USADA are sweating it. This is probably the last thing they expected FL, or any cyclist for that matter, to do.

The thing that puzzles me is this, If a person was truly guilty of something, would they be willing to put their test results on the table for the public to see, would they be willing to PUBLISH A BOOK in an attempt to convince the public they were innocent. This would be digging a deep deep hole if they are guilty.

I've met Floyd, listened to him talk to a group, and truly believe he wouldn't go that far. I think he's getting screwed by the 'Powers that be'.