Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday Roundup

NY Times/Juliet Macur have a piece describing the ACE profile testing program in place at Slipstream (powered by Chipotle).

AFP picks up Slipstream, noting Landis/Puerto as motivation.

The Australian
notes the IOC's rebuke of Pound last week, without directly linking Pound's recent comments on Landis to the Ethics committee action.

The Cyclingnews briefly notes the publication of "Positively False" due out in June.

The Denver Post along with the Indianapolis Star (which says FL will be pushing books instead of pedals in June) and the Philadelphia Inquirer reprint the AP story on the publication of "Postitively False".

Lancaster Papers talk to Arlene Landis about the book, picked up by Biking Bis. 1/3 childhood/teen/early pro; 1/3 Tour last year; last third, The Case through the hearing, all to be done by Mid June for June 26 publication.

Sportingo posts an analysis of FL's non-submission of B samples and USADA's motivations for wanting them.

Vapours uses the concept of the artists' model and applies it societally describing Floyd Landis as an example of the "charlatan". Maybe this could be applied in said model as "snark of the day"?

Friends of Fast Freddy post that FL's time trial helmet is available without the moustache and "mullet"? Hmmm Fast Freddy needs to look into what a mullet really is.

Cycling Through Crime thinks that by refusing to submit B samples to USADA, FL is digging a hole he may not be able to get out of.

BRILF thinks pro cycling should go NASCAR, and uses CycleOps/Landis Power Camp as an example of synergy (my word, not his!).

hosts a collection of user pix and video from the 2006 ToC, called "The Grassy Knoll" project. Much goodness to be seen.

Rant talks about the Slipstream/ACE program, somewhat skeptically, because he doesn't see how it would have helped Landis in his case.

We note that Rant doesn't seem to have mentioned Slipstream's not-quite-title sponsor, "Powered by Chipotle", the burrito place, and the NYT did just once, while using "Slipstream" all over the place. Pony up Chipotle, this is the treatment you get in the second tier. And yes, their Burritos are just swell, I go to the one at Crow Canyon and Danville Blvd for fuel when I'm going over Crow or up Bollinger. They don't bitch when I fill my bottles with water at the fountain.

KWC blog promotes SF FFF appearance on Sunday, but says he won't go himself because of the admission cost.

Roger J Kearey is a believer.

Thought for the Day

"The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face." -jh-


mjl said...


Dick Pound, head of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), says an International Olympic Committee (IOC) reprimand will not stop him from seeking answers to doping allegations surrounding Lance Armstrong.

"If Lance thinks this is going to make me go away he is sadly mistaken," a defiant Pound said today.

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


Can't say as I've ever been to Chipotle, but if you recommend them, I'll give them a try. I certainly can use the extra rocket fuel for those moments on rides when I need to ... ahem ... cut in the afterburners. ;-)

I did think it odd to say "Powered by Chipotle," however. Like you said, it appears they need to pony up to the bar.

- Rant

Anonymous said...

Chipotle burritos and TBV Brownies ... insert joke here

Anonymous said...

Whareagle here...

Kill the cilantro in the rice, and I am THERE! Mmmmmm!!!!

FTR, ya'll (and Floyd) should check out A-town's "Freebird's". 1000 calories or more of gooped up burrito, complete with tats & 'tude.

Anonymous said...

So true, Freebirds rocks (despite it was started by college station aggies). so stop in when in Austin.

Chipolte is ehhh, ok, by comparison. If you can't get tex-mex, 'polte works.

Atown, Tx.

tbv@trustbut.com said...

Let me put it this way. For a chain burrito, Chipotle beats hell out of Taco Bell and Del Taco.

On another topic, the correct formulation is: Chipotle burritos and Strbuk Brownies and TBV root beer floats (A&W + Dreyers Vanilla Bean).

Fatty Masters get that way for good reason!


Anonymous said...

Didn't mean to come down hard on 'potle. I'm glad they are sponsoring a team. They are definitely better than any other major chain Mexican food. Just "gourmet" isn't what I look for in a burrito and it kind turns me off. but line Chipotle, Taco Bell (aka: taco hell) and Del Taco side by side and Chipolte win hand's down. So much so "you'd think they were on a God Damn Harley."