Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

News posts an interview with Floyd Landis about the Landis case, and his recent appearances at the ToC. Mike Sugerman does the report and seems rather skeptical, not to mention inaccurate.

The SacBee writes that while he isn't participating Floyd Landis attended yesterday's stage 2 of the ToC. When introduced near the finish it was noted that he received a "smattering" of applause. Others on hand have said that 35,000 people at the finish cheered lustily when Landis was introduced.

CBS posts a taped interview with the "controversial" (and besuited) Floyd Landis, which is worth the watch.

KCBS Radio had a story Sunday about the ToC that talks Landis too.

Tahoe Daily Tribune says Landis was waiting at the finish of Stage 2 with Schwarzenegger, but they never crossed paths.

Rant considers the implications of wrong inlet pressures, and comes up with a tale about what is going on in the process. And what a tale it is! The good doctor would have understood.

Eli posts a morning interview with Floyd Landis with interesting comments on Pat McQuaid's ability to run a grocery store.

vidbrnd finds the Landis case a drag on cycling.

Mark McClusky
wonders if Floyd Landis was indeed set up?(conspiracy theorists go to the head of the line)

Marcus Grimm is a "homeboy" who believes Floyd Landis should take it to 'em, and likes what Dugard had to say today. announces town hall meeting in Long Beach on the 25th, and a reception in Capistrano Beach on the 24th.

Dugard is kind of regretting turning down the Landis book, and thinks all is going to be told.

Steroid Nation bemoans the fact that CNN Crossfire is no longer on, wishing he could see Pereiro vs Landis. There's always WWE Raw!

Thought for the Day

"What's another word for thesaurus?" -sw-


daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...

Imagine the match-ups, on the same bill Landis vs. Pereiro, Landis vs. LeMond, Lance vs. LeMond, Lance vs. DP. Now those would be WWE Smackdowns that I'd actually watch!

- Rant

Anonymous said...

They could ressurect The Loud Family with Pat McQuaid, Greg LeMond, Floyd Landis, Lance Armstrong and L'il Dickie Pounds as The Beaver.

Cyclesport America, in a rare moment these days where they didn't manage to connected even the manufacturing of bicycles to doping, compared Pound and McQuaid to Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show. Apt description, I thought.

Anonymous said...

I'm torn here. First, I think a cycling WWE pay per view would be worth watching. We could create brackets and work our way to a final four. Think of the possibilities! Then I recall the one time I witnessed a similar event. That was after I saw Bobby Julich try to throw a punch a few years ago

Anonymous said...

Hey,pj, I'd like to hear the story about Bobby's punch! Something must have made him unhappy!!

Anonymous said...

It happened after the final stage of the 2000 Tour de France. Right after crossing the finish line, rider Jeroen Blijlevens took a swing and pushed Bobby for a perceived slight during that final stage. Bobby threw his helmet back at the Polti rider. Here is the photo.

Warning: Remember, cyclists are not known for their upper bodies.

Favorite part. Blijvens was DQ'd from the Tour (yes, after finishing) for a "particularly serious attack"

Anonymous said...

My money is on Floyd, the rest don't have a chance. We grow'em tough around here. Just watch, the house of cards are crumbling fast, and Floyd has always held all the aces. He has been written off by the "experts" more than I can count, and he always comes out on top.
Green Mountain Cyclery
Ephrata, Pa.

Thomas A. Fine said...

So what's with Dugard? Did he buy one of those signed bottles of JD? Conspiracy theories ought to be beneath him. He makes it sound like something new has happened, but as far as I know, it's the same old politics. I don't know why he thinks France is Floyd's best buddy now. If it's just because of the postponement, then he's reading too much in.

Still there's always the longshot possiblity that he actually knows something.

And has anyone noticed that Floyd's new rhetoric is that they don't even know if the sample is his? Previously they were saying that they weren't arguing it wasn't Floyd's, just that the sample numbers demonstrated sloppy procedures.

Is the new paperwork that damning on this subject? And speaking of which, where is the Floyd that was going to give us everything he had, when he got it?