Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Roundup

Quote of the Day

You can't be prudent in the fight against doping. (see news below)

VeloNews passes on another High Impact quote from Mr Pound, the QoD above, which, uh, says a lot.

The San Diego Union Tribune talks to Chris Horner, who thinks that Floyd landis is not a complete idiot!

Sportingo thinks that Mr. Pound is a pitbull who will never let go (ask not only Floyd Landis but also Lance Armstrong).

Bicycle Retailer recycles the Reuters piece about the publication of "Positively False" on the eve of the Tour de France.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's
Rich Hofmann laments that cheating tarnishes the sports we love, and wonders if Floyd Landis will be driving the pace car at the Daytona 500 on Sunday. I believe Floyd has a previous engagement at an FFF event in San Francisco on Sunday.

previews the upcoming Tour of California and observes its' current champion will not be there. Sal Ruibal notes that Landis used his ToC victory last year as a springboard to what was a phenominal season.

Cyclingnews opens its mailbag and finds lots of well, letters. One finds the amount of time the Landis hearing is taking unacceptable while another thinks that cheaters will be supported no matter what because the general public doesn't care much about cycling to begin with.

SF Examiner's Glenn Dickey says cheating is part of sports, and get over it. He's also less than complimentary about his previous paper's Pulitzer baiting the BALCO story using illegally leaked grand jury testimony. He is also clear about the status of the Landis case, unlike many columnists.

Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post looks at NASCAR cheating as a reflection of a decidedly American attitude to sport.
Stock-car drivers and crews have their own ethical system, and it's not for literalists, or those with no tolerance for ambiguity, who have to square the corner of every rule or argument. Nevertheless, it's a sport with clear-headedness on the difference between misdemeanors and felonies, while the rest of us can be damn nervous on the subject.

Go Faster Jim wants to know who suffers the most?

Oasis Newsfeatures is very interested in FL's Mennonite religious heritage, and hopes to find out more in the upcoming book "Positively False".

Now You Know in a blog entry chock full of examples of various improprieties, assures us that no FL did not contribute to Michael Waltrip's recent cheating scandal at the Daytona 500. Could this be the "snark of the day"? It's still very early.

The Sweet Buttery Taste of Fear and Waffles doesn't have a whole lot of Landis content, but as a gourmet cook and baker I couldn't resist the blog name.

CrystalZenMud, an expat attorney and frustrated frequenter at the Topix forums, writes a summary of a whole bunch of doping and Landis related things.

Steroid Nation picks up Mr. Pound's current unrepentant comments.

Rant revisits Mr. Pound, who seems to be channeling Barry Goldwater, noting Lamour may not be an improvement.

Northern California High School MTB league is raffling off a Landis donated, signed yellow jersey to support their mud and dust addiction.

Thought for the Day

"Children need encouragement. So if a kid gets an answer right, tell him it was a lucky guess. That way, he develops a good, lucky feeling." -jh-


Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Pound is such a jerk.

There are few things scarier or more damaging that people with a messiah complex in a position of power.