Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Roundup

The Durango Telegraph includes a short description of last weekend's Teva Mountain Games in the "Quick 'n' Dirty" section of today's edition. It said Floyd Landis' presence attracted many spectators to the event.

USA Today notes that the Tour de France has put Bijarne Riis in the same no man's land as they have Floyd Landis, and has declared that he is no longer considered the winner of the 1996 TdF.

The gives us not only the bookstore tour appearance schedule, but also the talk show appearances Floyd Landis will be making with the release of his book "Positively False":

TV Appearances
June 26th: The Early Show- CBS Part I
June 26th: The Late Show With David Letterman
June 27th: The Early Show - CBS Part II
June 28th: ABC Radio

Book Signing Appearances

June 27th New York:
12:30- Word For Word Bryant Park Reading Room 42nd/5th

7:00 PM- Bookends- Ridgewood, NJ

June 28th New York:
7:00 PM- Book Revue- Huntington, NY

June 29th Lancaster PA:
7:00 PM- Barnes and Noble- 1700 H Frutville Pike

July 2nd Philadelphia, PA:
7:00 PM- Chester County Book and Music Company- 975 Paoli Pike

July 3rd Washington D.C.:
7:00 PM- Plitics & Prose- 5015 Connecticut Ave NW

July 9th Chicago, IL:
7:30 PM- Borders- 101 Rice Lake Square, Wheaton, IL

July 10th Chicago, IL:
7:00 PM- Borders- 830 N. Michigan Ave.

July 12th Seattle, WA:
7:00 PM- Third Place Books- 17171 Bothell Way NE

July 13th Sacramento, CA:
7:00 PM- Borders- 2339 Fair Oaks Blvd.

July 14th San Francisco, CA:
7:00 PM- Book Bassage- 51 Tamal Vista Blvd

July 16th Thousand Oaks, CA:
7:00 PM- Barnes and Noble- 160 S. Westlake Blvd.

July 17th Los Angeles, CA:
7:00 PM- Borders- 1360 Westwood Blvd.

July 18th Pasadena, CA:
7:00 PM- Borders- 475 S. Lake Ave.

July 19th Riverside, CA:
2:00 PM- UC Riverside Bookstore

The Boulder Report by Joe Lindsey remarks on the appearance of Floyd Landis last weekend at the Teva Mountain Games. Joe is thinking that, if suspended, perhaps Floyd should not have appeared at the games. Still he finds that Floyd's openness and willingness to talk to a press that largely skewered him during his recent hearings makes him a much more human person than the aloof Lance Armstrong could ever hope to be:

Pretty nice for him to chat with any member of the press after his less than charitable treatment in its coverage of his case. The Teva Games are a great event, but you’ve got to admit that it’s a long way down from the podium on the Champs-Elysees to getting schooled in an unsanctioned XC race. Whatever Floyd did or did not prove at his trial, his presence at Vail was an ultimately human one, and it’s remarkable that his saga since last July has not dented that at all. For whatever it’s worth, Floyd is a more genuine person than the media-savvy and slick Lance Armstrong ever was or ever will be

Oh and Joe doesn't get Paris Hilton, she makes him nuts

Bicycling Blogs' David L'Heureux posts a podcast interview with Floyd Landis recorded after the Teva Mountain Games.

Passion 2 Ride
doesn't get it, everyone seems to feel that they are not responsible for their own actions. But she gives kudos to Floyd Landis for standing up to the system of codependency that now exists, and feels that athletes everywhere should feel some gratitude for Floyd's efforts.

Competitor Magazine reservists the M2 Revolution Cycling Studio appearance of Floyd Landis last spring in San Francisco.

Potholes and Roadapples reprints a letter published by the Intelligencer Journal of Lancaster, PA today in which Dan Garrett, a former high school teacher of Floyd Landis', talks about the circumstances surrounding the call Will Geoghegan made to Greg LeMond during the Landis/USADA hearings in May:

"The infamous phone call from Will Goeghegan was tragic and stupid, but it was the act of one individual. According to the time of the call, I was in the room with Landis and others when Will made thatcall. I had no knowledge, nor did Landis, that a call was being made to LeMond,” Garrett wrote.

Rant has had some time to think about the repercussions from the Landis hearings, and has decided that now that we've had some time to think, it's even more apparent that the anti-doping system needs major overhauling. One way to foster reform ,whether you think that Floyd Landis is innocent or not, is to contact those in power in Washington,DC. A good place to begin is on the FFF "Get Involved" page. Rant also mentions the Davis Phinney interview in the print version of VeloNews out now, as well as an Armen Keteyian video piece giving an alternate view on the use of PEDs.

CrystelZENmud recounts last weekend's Landis participation at the Teva Mountain Games with a view from the press on the other side of the Atlantic.

Hagman Racing and More has been training in Lancaster CO. PA and finds it hard to believe that a super active Tour de France champion like Floyd Landis could come from such a slow paced and tranquil atmosphere as that evident among the Mennonites and Amish with whom Floyd grew up.

The Daily Upload is wondering how he missed the Wiki Defense utilized by Team Landis, and he is intrigued at how it was used to circumvent the mainstream media in the dissemination of information about the case while at the same time drawing them into it.

Pro Bike Wrench mentions that they have spoken with the FFF about fund raising again, this is the first we've heard about this since the hearings.

Britannica Blog
presents the Top Ten PED stories of the spring to date, and the Floyd Landis Saga comes in at number 7. A quick review is given of the hearings held last month in California, and the decision is pending. Thanks for the plug.

posted something a while back that we missed, he is comparing the "Floyd Landis Experience" with the "Lance Armstrong Experience". All in all,Floyd comes across as more relaxed and fun loving by nature.