Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Roundup

The Boulder Daily Camera thinks that as Floyd Landis waits for a decision from his recent arbitration hearing, cycling need a new hero to take it out of its doping doldrums:

But local cyclists draw a distinction between the reality of racing in America and what is making news in Europe. They say they feel good about the direction the sports is heading on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

"On many levels, the sport couldn't be healthier," Davis Phinney said. "Here in Colorado, for example, there are excellent events every weekend, with a large and growing number of participants.

"And as a fan, I enjoy the spectacle of racing whether it is at Stazio or at the Tour de France; bike racing is a beautiful sport. But clearly the continuing doping issue is a big problem — a problem that's been brewing for a long time, and all the recent public disclosures and investigations will affect the sport negatively for years to come

The Daily Peloton notes that this may not be the absolute lowest point in the storied history of cycling, and it rather erroneously refers to Floyd Landis' battle against USADA /WADA as a "Luddite" passion, which of course would infer an opposition to modern technology and may not be the postilion taken by the Landis Wiki Defense which encourages the correct use of scientific technology not the abolition of it.

The Denver Post gives Floyd Landis a parting shot, and in it they think on the basis of the scientific evidence presented at the recently held arbitration hearings, he should be exonerated.

The tells the sad tale of systematic drug woes, duplicity, suicide, and hypocrisy that is pro cycling.

The CyclingNews latest update has no Floyd Landis content, but we figured the item on the nude cycling protest was worth a "look."

Glendora Rd gives "friends of TBV" a heads up for the "Positively False" book tour stop on July 18th at 7:00 PM at the Borders, 475 S. Lake Ave., in Pasadena, CA. has proof that Floyd Landis scoffs at (the) Paris Hilton, now get out there and go for a ride.

Mobipocket makes "Positively False" available as an ebook.

Finger Food notes that it's a week since Floyd Landis took part in the Teva Mountain Games, but an update was in order.


GMR said...

The World Naked Bike Ride Day was a nice diversion from the "long wait."

TiGirl said...

How come nobody told me beforehand about the World Naked Bike Ride Day???

Then again, maybe I don't want to know why....HA!

Have a nice day.

strbuk said...

LOL, yes it was a nice diversion, I search far and wide for all the news that's "fit to print". I guess this was one event we wouldn't worry about seeing Floyd at!! :-)