Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

The VeloNews notes that two new cycling books are hitting the shelves next week, though a few people seem to have gotten their hands on at least one of them early. David Walsh writes his latest book on Lance Armstrong titled "From Lance to Landis" in which he once again proposes that Lance Armstrong doped his way to seven Tour de France victories. The other book is of course the Floyd Landis ghost written autobiography "Positively False." Reviews by the VeloNews are upcoming.

France24 repeats yesterday's story on the UCI decision to have all pro riders wishing to participate in this year's Tour de France sign a pledge, if they do not sign it they will not be allowed to compete according to Christian Prudhomme Tour director. The "Pledge" is as follows:

"I do solemnly declare, to my team, my colleagues, the UCI, the cycling movement and the public that I am not involved in the Puerto affair nor in any other doping case and that I will not commit any infringement to the UCI anti-doping rules.

"As proof of my commitment, I accept, if it should happen that I violate the rules and am granted a standard sanction of a two-year suspension or more, in the Puerto affair or in any other anti-doping proceedings, to pay the UCI, in addition to the standard sanctions, an amount equal to my annual salary for 2007 as a contribution to the fight against doping.

"At the same time, I declare to the Spanish Law, that my DNA is at its disposal, so that it can be compared with the blood samples seized in the Puerto affair. I appeal to the Spanish Law to organise this test as soon as possible or allow the UCI to organise it.

"Finally, I accept the UCI's wish to make my statement public"

Can "double secret probation" be far behind?

Dugard, in an entry with no real direct Landis content, thinks that the world of cycling should give a big shout out to Pacman Jones of the NFL who makes cyclists look like angels. He also think that the riders will sign the UCI pledge, and then dope anyway, because it's what they have always done and what they will always do.

Sanish's Site notes how embroiled the Tour de France is in the doping scandals of the past year, and Floyd Landis is either positive, or tested positive, or something.

Bicycling Blog's "This Just In" talks with Jens Voigt who thinks Floyd Landis is a tough guy who had a tough upbringing, but is essentially nice.

Nother at Open Source wonders if the use of PEDs is really cheating, OR is it just another element in the advancement of competitive sport?:

Many of the vitriolic jeers from the stands come from Red Bull drinking, Viagra popping, Protein shake mixing guys — the same guys who demand the longest home runs, the hardest hits, and the fastest times.

Lij LOVES that two interns at work have the last names "Floyd" and "Landis". One hopes they passed any possible drug screening.

Ramblin' Egg has two new cycling books to choose from, and he is picking Floyd Landis' book "Positively False" as the one he will purchase. After all Floyd did spend all his money on his defense against USADA.

Whitey and the Professor feels that Jiffy Lube, in fighting accusations that they cheat customers, may have gone to the "Floyd Landis School of Damage Control."

The Spectacle at My Space entertains us with a "day in the life" type blog entry, and she hopes Floyd Landis doesn't join her on her ride tomorrow. Oh, and watch out for that silicone.

Rant takes a short break from his well deserved vacation to comment on the snark factor in the AOL piece on lamest sports excuses. Seems the author has little idea of what they are talking about at least as far as Floyd Landis is concerned.


Gary O'Brien said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If a rider is found unequivocally guilty, that money should go back to the sponsors and it should be delivered personally to the home office and said guilty athlete should have to wait at reception for at least 20 minutes reading six month old magazines.

I may have missed it, but what happens to the manager, DS, coach, etc. who happens to be helping an athlete dope.

Oh, silly me. I forgot that only athletes are involved in doping. There's no one else involved and they are above condemnation. Only athletes can be destroyed by rumor and innuendo.

cam said...

Jeff Adams has requested that everybody vote for him in the "lamest sport excuses" poll.

on DPF he wrote:

"Please everyone - go vote for me, I'd hate to have to say I finished bridesmaid in this one.

I just wish I had got half the attention I'm getting now for the occational race I won."