Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday Roundup

The Jamaica Gleaner posts an op-ed item about doping in cycling, the Landis hearing debacle, and how the author, Tym Glaser, after all of the happenings in the past few weeks STILL doesn't know who's clean and who isn't. It reminds him of track and field.


Conan the Librarian knows that some people you read about in books and the news are definitely being dishonest. Still with Floyd Landis it's not easy to know.

SportNet2 provides a preview of Tour de France warm up the Dauphine Libere which takes place this year without defending Tour de France champion Floyd Landis. Alejandro Valverde and Oscar Pereiro are considered two of the main contenders for the Tour de France title, still their names are rumored to have been connected with OP, so stay tuned.

Recovox News reviews last week's Floyd Landis attention getting appearance at the Teva Mountain Games.