Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Roundup

Sportingo writes that the wheels have come off of professional cycling, and that it's become merely a mobile science experiment.

The SJA wonders if a London start to the Tour de France can be a success given all of the doping scandals, especially the one involving last year's winner Floyd Landis. Why should any fan invest emotion and time in a sport so fraught with problems?

Velonews notes Moreau won the Dauphiné Libéré, with Zabriskie 5th and Leipheimer close to winning the last stage except for a crash. This makes Moreau a favorite for the Tour.

Spinopsys thinks Landis keeps jumping the shark, this time with the claims USADA dropped cases to chase him. Phil wants Landis to name the names. There's a catch-22 here on identifying the cases.

Shakedown Sports snarks a study being done:

FIFA is currently conducting a study that seeks to determine if people from different ethnic groups have different naturally occurring testosterone levels. The goal is to find out which athletes can cheat without being detected because they have low levels, and which athletes are wrongly sanctioned because they have high levels. Floyd Landis has already declared that the study will exonerate him when it shows Mennonite cyclists with an affinity for Jack Daniel’s have extremely high levels.

SweetKerry shakes her fist at pro cycling, thinks Landis doped at the tour, and is only trying to get off because everyone else is doping too.

Team Estrogen's DH had a dream ride attacking Floyd Landis yesterday in a training ride with 200 people in Riverside , CA. There are some nice pictures along with the description of the ride.