Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

Floyd Landis made his second appearance this morning on The Early Show on CBS. Other than Harry Smith misspeaking and saying that Floyd got "testosterone" shots, rather than cortisone shots, during last year's TdF there was not much earth shattering material covered. The "Lance" factor was what seemed of most interest to Smith who was polite, and Floyd was poised in answering that he knew nothing about anything Lance Armstrong did when it came to doping. The case against USADA was also asked about, as well as how Floyd will react to whatever decision is made by the arb panel. The Smith gaff as the interview concluded resulted in a laugh on both sides and a sincerely friendly handshake.

At the Bryant Park book event, Landis looks happy, and hot in the 95 degree and 95% humidity of a crisp NYC Summer.

Florida Competitor Magazine reviews "Positively False" and seems to not only like it, but agrees with its' basic premise that not only is Landis innocent of charges placed against him by USADA/WADA, but also that the inner workings of the cycling hierarchy do not act in the best interests of cycling itself.

Canada.Com posts a Reuters report in which the AFLD states that it will not render any decision on the status of Floyd Landis until after the USADA arb panel announces its' ruling on the future of Floyd Landis in cycling. Lawyers on both sides have been asked by the arbitration panel to submit legal briefs within two weeks of receiving transcripts of last month's nine-day hearing in California. Only after those documents have been sent to the arb panel and they have had a chance to go through them will a ruling be released.

France24 notes that with the absence of Floyd Landis at this year's Tour de France, Alexandre Vinokourov is considered the favorite to win the race which begins in less than two weeks.

FOX hosts video of Floyd Landis' appearance on Hannity and Colmes last night.

The Concord Monitor talks about ramped up rules enforcement in NASCAR, with obligatory Landis and Bonds references. NASCAR is trying to change the "if you ain't cheating you ain't trying" culture by slapping some heavy sanctions for infractions involving the new car being introduced this year. At last week's race in Sonoma, series leader Jeff Gordon was docked points, his crew chief suspended six races and fined $100,000. But Gordon still started the race (from the back) and finished seventh.

We've often made the comparison to NASCAR as a vibrant racing culture with quick and effective discipline. The penalties above, while stiff, are not two-year bans doubled to four, with life ban threatened for another offense.

Morning Call columnist Gary Blockus says Rogge blew his chance and should have threatened to toss cycling from the Olympics.

Sports Illustrated's Austin Murphy thinks cycling is a fraud, believes Walsh, and Lemond, and thinks Landis' doping was responsible for Stage 17.

ESPN's Bonnie DeSimone
talks to David Walsh about "From Lance to Landis." He admits there will never be a smoking gun on Armstrong. He says he'd be more sympathetic to Landis if he'd been utterly and convincingly anti-doping.

The CyclingNews notes that Matthias Kessler has been suspended by his team Astana for an adverse analytical finding for testosterone.

Phonak, the company, has changed marketing focus, and is now behind "Hear the World", with Placido Domingo as the head celebrity, along with the Vienna Philharmonic and Bryan Adams.

Rant briefly reviews some summer reading, Positively False, Baker's Wiki Defense, Walsh, and the latest from Environmental Chemistry.

Dugard talks about Austin Murphy's piece mentioned above, and thinks the magnifying glass is being turned back to Armstrong, and thinks it all is good publicity for the Tour.

Media Bistro/Fishbowl in NY
writes of the Bryant Park appearance pictured above. The author asked Landis' about the UCI pledge, and he told her he'd advise against anyone signing it until the ADAs faced similar scrutiny.

Chicago Bike Racing
talks about Chicago area book tour stops on July 9th and 10th.

What I Think says:
[S]mall pages, big type. Perhaps not a whole lot to say? It should be a short read.

TDFBlog notes Landis' book tour.

Potholes and Roadapples
says the Sunday Ride with Floyd in Lancaster is sold out.

Thoughts from Apex thinks the cycling world has gone mad with doping and the testing and punishment regime deployed against it.


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I've been following Apex's blog since his first Landis post. I have found his blog to be very interesting reading and well written. I'd recommend exploring his blog beyond his Landis posts.

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TbV, you think Floyd Landis is hot?

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