Sunday, August 13, 2006

The UCI can't let him win


The UCI can't let him win as that would cast doubt on the whole testing process, so expect a smear campaign to be launched both in the press and behind the scenes as this will a fight for the life of the UCI and WADA, which are bigger than Landis. At best, that is he is clean, he will be a casualty of fixing the anti-doping (after the fact, that is) machine. (link)
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Wants to believe, blog w/rare image in Postal livery.
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Cycling and Prisoners Dilemma, about Lance, from 2005.
WBUR talk show on Testosterone, Murphy of SI crushed (45min)
Leak theory, from BBC chat
Defending editorial, from Hibbing MN
Status Summary from Sam Abt at the IHT; neutral.
He's Guilty Scenario, in plausible detail, from weighlifting coach.
The Reporting Sucks and Tests Can Lie, neutral, from Anchorage.
Defending Letter, in San Diego home turf.
Death of Truth, in SF Op-Ed piece.
He's a Witch!, says NY Daily News columnist