Monday, August 14, 2006

I have visions of Wile E. Coyote


I have visions of Wile E. Coyote using an Acme testosterone rocket to chase down the Road Runner. link
Bob Roll interview, audio from KCPW; thinks sample mishandled.
Claim by a Victim of False Positive CIR, on Usenet.
iShares, Floyd, Ochowicz, USA Cycling conflicts, raised on Usenet.
Citizen Pound sharing advice, in the Ottawa Citizen, cited below
Pound pounding, Julich lamenting, in CyclingNews.
Testosterone & Psychological Advantage, from The Times (UK).
More about T-testing etc., Oxford Cycling chat.
Floyd, Amber, DZ appearance at Robbie's, from Bicycling bbs.
Intercourse it all, on Bicycling bbs.
I Can't Count, consultant thinks A/B samples are two tests.
Please Confess, opinion in Floyd's local paper.
Old News about Lab, and WADA, Vrijman report from the UCI
A lot I'd agree with, in this blog, now part of the echo chamber.
Another big link/summary thread, at Free Republic.
Letters at VeloNews
Pointed Interview with Phamacologist, at Pez.
What Floyd was hinting, on Podium Cafe; first I'd seen it. closed to comments, good PR discussion.
More PR discussion, on Spinopsys
Old stuff, from EducatedGuesswork, for completeness.
Lance having it both ways AND blaming media, opines FynalCut
Statistical Illiteracy, from Knowledge Problem on July 30.
A video montage from Bambi Francisco
Some more science discussion, from a medical student.