Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I've tested positive on the isotope test

I've tested positive on the isotope test. Twice. And I didn't dope. On [the] second test, I had to pay out of my own pocket. link
Floyd's Open Letter to Phonak Team,
Unclear if it's pre or/post-announcement - it doesn't address the team shutdown directly. He will fight to show the win was valid and restore the image of cycling. Well crafted except for a clunker "just" that could have been deleted. The PR advice may be getting better - notably, this new blog entry has enabled the comments feature, which had been turned off at the site when everything blew up.
Phonak Team f0lds,
Official, also IHT, AP, AFP, CyclingNews, Velonews, Reuters, Pez, Eurosport
"I feel bad for him too", says Andy Rihs in this interview.
iShares says no sponsorship, at UKBikeBiz, nothing yet on the site.
No iShares in cycling, at the bottom of this Telegraph roundup.
Axel frustrated, wants to continue, badly translated here.
Innocent or Stupid, allows St. Pete Times
Floyd, DZ at Robbie's, from CyclingNews
Support Floyd on the guestbook at SupportFloyd
Winning at all costs, minor Floyd/Gatlin dig, from ESPN
Mixed Feelings in Murrieta, in the Press-Enterprise
Disconcerting Dodge, says Hartford Courant
Last Night's Dinner affects C13, WADA's own Research (finder)
More on CIR, from Corante
Unranking Floyd is Wrong, shows bias, says Cycling4all.
Floyd pre-05 article, from BikeCulture (pdf)
Oh, that Pound, says Sally Jenkins in 2005 (source)


Anonymous said...

I am surprised that no one has suggested that Phonak had so many positive doping cases because it would not manage the doping of its riders or at least look the other way. This would certainly make the riders more likely to get caught.

Obviously, this is not something the other teams or the UCI would want to suggest. They would prefer that we conclude that Phonak was the worst. But it seems at least possible that they were the best. They had a boss and a DS that were really opposed to doping, so their riders had to manage and conceal their own programs. This lead to them getting caught.

DBrower said...

Interesting suggestion, and discussed on Usenet and reported on later in the Aug 16 roundup.