Friday, August 11, 2006

Testosterone is powerful stuff


Testosterone is powerful stuff, causing outbursts of anger and anxiety in people who have not even taken it. link
Realizing I've become a gas bag, I'm going to limit posts to mostly links for a while, summarizing new/interesting things that I've come across, at most one per-day, growing during the day.

Reaction from Lim, third hand
From Ventura, passed on first hand
Questioning IRMS, testy but true comment
WSJ on the current State, via Usenet/Google Groups; pessimistic.
No choice but to fight, sympathetic recent interview
Ligget, suspicious of process
Letters, bashing a bashing editorial in Dallas
It could be worse, notes someone with a long memory(details).
TV appearances not helping, opines Lancaster
It ain't so, says John Eustice, former rider and commentator
Landis affair sucking the air out of cycling
Lance's Lieutenants on Eurosport.
Comparing sports, from Usenet

Usenet on Floyd, via google groups; informed and inflammatory, with no shortage of trolls.