Tuesday, August 15, 2006

FloydLandis.com taking comments again

The Floyd Official Site is taking comments as noted below, and is publishing at least some of them. That is, all the ones I just looked at were warm and supportive. While it may be a self-selected audience, it does suggest that there is moderation going on. So far, no critical comments have made it through the moderation if there have been any. It would probably be unwise to be completely unmoderated, and it is his site. Still, I expect somebody has to read everything that comes in anyway.

Would it make sense to have some policy that would display reasoned negative comments, and let the BBS take them on? If it were me, I might try a moderation policy that allowed civil criticism from people with verifiable mail addresses. This is the sort of thing that is suggested in the PR advice I found yesterday.

What does anybody else think? Allow negative comments or not?