Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More funny facts

More completely reported and discussed on freefloydlandis, the NT times reports that Landis's doctor, Kay, has (a) confirmed an IRMS was done; and (b) He, Kay, thinks it is a marginal positive, being a 3.99 vs. a test limit of 3.00. This might come back negative on the B sample, or be narrow enough to argue about. It also isn't consistent with the 11:1 ratio of the T/E, which might be explainable. This interpretation is probably why Landis was claiming it wasn't (yet, clearly) a doping matter. Not the most transparent way of explaining anything, but he has had bizzarre wording lapses all along, beginning with the TdF interview where he mumbled about parents teaching how to make right choices rather than just denouncing doping.

An earlier NYT report is also my source for the dispute whether Landis's camp ever sent their demand FAX. I suspect that discrepency is going to get lost in the wash, but it illustrates the chasms.