Sunday, August 20, 2006

Quiet Sunday

I'm glad that's cleared up.

HAPPY STUFF! Lots of pictures on flikr.

Long article about Mt. Washington, Tyler, and some Floyd references
How much money Floyd is losing; VeloNews refers to Telegraph article I can't find
Open Letter to Dick, from DailyPeloton: You aren't helping
Can someone explain this? Who is Tom? Who is this? I don't get it
LandisIsInnocent shows up in Google News sponsor results, but hasn't updated his site since an initial post on July 30
Some Cartoons shown at Wonkette
Zero Tolerence for Zero Tolerance, at Rant your head off.
Floyd unwise to use Tyler defenses, says French summary of cycling news, based on spread of Hamilton "doping diary" (machine translation).
What about Manzano's Testosterone Rage story, asks blogger.
We want the Dingers, which is why we're ambivalent about doping, says blogger.
Everybody cheats, groan the folks at Triple Crankset.

Floyd Wikipedia page, fact laden and studiously neutral.
Case Process outlined in old NYT article from Aug 4.


TR said...

Tyler Hamiton's doping diary has just been published by a Danish newspapers. He doped on 114 of 200 days with everything that was available. It's a horrifying list of medications and illegal practices.
Remember how everyone wanted to believe him?

DBrower said...

Thanks. A ref to this is pointed out with rhetorical glee by Joe King in

this USENET post for those interested.

If it's true (and it very well might be), it's pretty damning to Tyler, and I'd say to Bjarne Riis, who would had to have had some suspicion if not actual knowledge.

I chose not to play this report because (a) it didn't directly involve Floyd, (b) mention Floyd; (c) I'm trying to avoid confusing Tyler with Floyd here.


Anonymous said...

All of which is linked SOLELY to a Fax sent to someone using Haven Hamilton's maiden name. Next time I find a new doping doctor, I'll make sure he refers to me as "Jan"

Anonymous said...

Oh, is that you, Ivan?