Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Black Day

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I've withdrawn the QoD. I'm just shocked by the news about David Witt. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. This is just so sad.

 By volume, there has been lots of dispersion of the Phonak demise, and not much at all of Floyd's letter in the mainstream media. That might change today, as the letter came afterwards.

Floyd wants open, public hearing. December maybe?, Jacobs tells ESPN
What if He's Innocent? Eustice in IHT believes so.
Letters to VeloNews
Lance right about Football and Floyd, says KC columnist
I don't believe he doped, says teammate Koos
Team seemed cursed, says teammate Bert in CyclingNews
For two years, we've been robust, says Lelangue (eurosport video)
Still wants to believe him, says Ligget (video, audio) via BikeBiz.
"Someone took $R-2,000,000 out of his hand and burned it", sez teammate Hunter's manager; Hunter still believes Floyd was clean.
Rider Market has just been flooded, groans teammate Hunter.
Classy Letter, On/Off Comments dischord, by Spinopsys
Rihs playing victim, comment cherry-picking is lame, bitches the biking hub.
Phonak was too good at anti-doping discussed on Usenet
What is Truth? from the Balimore Sun, via Common Dreams.
Other teams Throw Phonak, Astana under the bus, Podium Cafe.
More on demise from NYT
Excellent Testosterone/Floyd research, from Tom Fine
Lim, Ventura, Baker, said to believe Floyd clean.
"I thought I heard...", no you didn't.

David Witt Information

First, unverified report I'd hoped was a nasty rumour...
Seemingly verified report, from KUSI news
More detailed report from SignonSanDiego
More from CyclingNews, rehash in VeloNews
MSM: AP report carried in USA Today and Forbes.
Reuters, via the Guardian; additional details.

Story from Jul 29th
Cyclo Vets minutes from July 31, hoping to work with Floyd Foundation.
Review of the new Hawthorn's, seems current.
Another review, from August 3rd - "very good"
Hawthorn's on Citysearch
Restaurant real-estate news, from 2005
More old restaurant news

Cyclo Vets article about Floyd, Witt, Baker, on Page 4.
Community Development Director of La Mesa?
2000 Sea Otter, Witt 19th in 45+

Happy Now?, anger on Usenet


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