Saturday, August 12, 2006

A PhD is a precursor


Having a PhD doesn't guarantee a high IQ but it does seem to be a precursor for arrogance. link
"Uh, that's enough talking", says Lance.
In a crisis, don't think aloud, advises a PR guy
Pro-dope, in the Grauniad, of course.
Team Future? Press conference by A Rihs on Tuesday
Posturing, Lashing out by UCI VP Ray Godkin on VeloNews
Diplomatic mumbling by Vanvelde
J'Excuse!, from Missing Saddle on July 28.
Don't Do Dr. Phil, from Kevin Cowherd (Aug 10).
Prisoner's Dilemma, from Wired (reference) lead and comments
Tit for Tat, (prisoner's dilemma), which metaphorically shows why the peloton doesn't fink, and self-disciplines.
Everybody Dopes, says this blog
More backlash to a knee-jerk sports columnist (a trend?)
More grief about Leno, from Christian Science Monitor.
A "Christian" view, casting stones.
Leaping to judgement: Diana Nyad.
Floyd and Boob Jobs, showing there's always an entendre.
We love the drama, so don't ask, don't tell, says The Dartmouth
Yes, I'm an idiot, says columnist, but right to rip Floyd.