Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Complaining about the barn door

One of Landis's attorneys is complaining about the leaks out of the UCI. This is probably true, and justified, and is the same sort of ethical lapses the UCI complained about with the Lab/WADA handling of the research that dragged Armstrong around in the muck. Which is to say that there are dirty hands all over the place when it comes to doping and doping investigations.

I don't believe this affects the actual process or eventual outcome of the case. The cow is out already. It does further illustrate the hypocrisy and conflicting agendas all around the doping issue.


Anonymous said...

It does, however, illustrate the UCI's agenda somewhat. It is clear that regardless of the outcome of the B sample, the UCI believes, and wants us to believe, that Landis is guilty. This combined with the fact that the UCI is in effect the prosecutor, judge and jury in this case illustrates that the process is flawed and unfair (in appearence if not in function - but the difference is mute).