Friday, August 18, 2006

There goes week one

Despite the doping scandal involving Tour de France winner Floyd Landis and other negative publicity in recent months, Phonak’s sales have hit record levels. (link)
This makes one whole week that I've been doing this as a roundup. I hope folks have been finding it useful - It's been way more traumatic than I had any idea it might be, and I have no idea how difficult this is for Amber, Floyd, David Witt's other family and friends, and the Phonak team.

It's boggling.

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Marion Jones "A" Sample Positive for EPO, quotes AP. As with Gatlin, I'll mention it once and leave it alone.
Free Floyd T-Shirts, profits promised to Floyd Foundation.
Get mad Floyd, advises long open letter at RunnersWeb
Call me for advice, says Richard "Get Rich" Quick.
You Buried Win, Gave Scandal Page One, complains letter.
Floyd only one who thinks he's innocent, writes a blogger
Another pointer to the petition, and another.
Sunday full Ligget interview on YouTube, understands most defense points. Second lab should be used on B sample. Cycling is eating itself. Partly Transcribed at BikingBis
All athletes are doped, says blogger.
Give Floyd some brownies today, writes blogger.
Neutral rundown at this blog, Aug 14.
The Filmmaker? It matters to us, but others...
Another blog, skeptical.
Shot through the heart, declares blogger.
Puzzling Evidence, says Coach Levy.
Challenging CIR is legal trouble, PR disaster, thinks Fine, a reasoned view from one who has done good digging earlier.

Phonak Says, "Goodbye," in it's August Newsletter (pdf).

Letters and more Letters to CyclingNews; constructive, pounding Pound; trusting nobody; testosterone and agression; giving up on pros; there's a child molester in the peloton; life ban for first offense.

"There is power in a Union", feature on rider organization. It argues against sponsorship and for the old national team format, being essentially whistful for the Good Old Days before Commercial Interests Took Over. It isn't as much about riders really organizing as you might have thought. The NFLPA and MLBPA demonstrate stronger unions in sport. And the NHLPA, I suppose.

For young-uns,
There is power in a Union is an anthem of the labor movement, by Joe Hill, set to the music of a well-known Christian hymn. (He's often remembered only as the subject of "Joe Hill" as performed by Joan Baez at Woodstock). Another song of the same name is by Billy Bragg, which rolls out of the mouth more easily these days.

Letters at VeloNews. Too Broad a Brush; He's caught; McQuaid talks out of both sides; Truth is out there, man;

McQuaid speaks to VeloNews.


Unknown said...

No suggestions or complaints, just a thanks. I'm not sure why I feel so involved with this story, but I found myself surfing a lot for more details and others' observations...your links have pointed me to some good information, and along the way I've learned that others are kind of preoccupied with these events as well. I sure feel sad for FL and his family, regardless of how these allegations play out. Anyway, thanks for putting up this blog.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog. I might be a traffic hording cretin, but I know how to reciprocate. Stop by for your links and for your free psychic reading!

I agree on Scientologists. They are the masters of wealth extraction. As good as I am, I am still trying to live up to the legacy of L. Ron. Was he ever tested for Testosterone?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these roundups and your commentary. I log on a couple times a day to see your updates (who's obsessive?!). I know Floyd didn't do anything wrong; there's some excellent info out here on the Web and I hope that his team is reading it.