Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Some open questions, part 1

Relevant to the factual defense

  1. Were IRMS/CIR tests done on any of his other samples?
  2. Are any of his other samples still available for further testing?
  3. If available, could those samples be tested at another lab?
  4. Does Floyd have all the quantitative results of the A and B yet?
  5. Does Floyd have quantitative results for any other samples?
  6. Does the WADA protocol for the T/E test follow the long period monitoring advocated in the literature?
  7. What are the false positive rates for the T/E tests and the CIR test?
It seems, um, ironic that safeguards that are supposed to protect the rider - destruction of samples that after negative results - could turn out to hinder a defense by making it impossible to compare before and after negatives with a potentially fluke positive.

Similarly, anyone who says that the tests are foolproof is posturing.

Relevant to PR and transparency:
  1. Are the A/B sample reports translated yet?
  2. Can Floyd post them on his web site, in either raw or translated form?