Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday Roundup

Gatlin cuts a deal, 8 years instead of life ban. I'll say no more.

New tests, old drugs in back patting piece from Washington Post.
About testosterone, from CyclingNews today.
T/E Test should have been abandoned, says Sisson, ex-triathlon doping commish.

Rage, Rage, Rage, at Cycling Revealed

New dirty theory, in last letter in VeloNews Monday.
Mass Spectrometry Blog crows about prowess on Jul 31.

I'm backing Floyd, blogger said on Jul 28th.
I will shout at you on my blog, if you criticise Floyd.
Let's invade France! advises charlatan Richard "Get Rich" Quick.
That explains it: Lance, Floyd both space aliens.
Floyd on Colbert, in someone's imagination.
Blog Haiku, with comments, somewhat old.
"Photo of Floyd Getting T Found", blog with comments; on FoxSports.

Long running discussion on Corante is interesting again.
Sports Law Blog links musings about Congressional hearings. "It's an election year!"

tdfBlog passes on:

YouTube | Tour de France 2006

YouTube user "monoloque" has posted a mashup video featuring OLN video from the Tour, historic Tour video, still images from the race and news coverage, and music by Kraftwerk into a 6.5-minute video about the 2006 Tour.

Echo chamber, Rant your head off picks up TBV False Positive story.
[updated 22:49]