Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday Roundup

Quote of the Day

A: I see...all hedge and calculation, no "I believe he did/he didn't"?

B: That's right. I don't know, and don't feel a need to say that I do. Is there a prize of some sort for declaring early?

A: No, only a prize for straddling the fence---that way, you can claim to have been on the winning side all along, whatever the outcome. (link)
Still no test documents, says Jacobs. Lab still on vacation?
Teammate Perdiguero calls it quits after the season, also here.
Landis no longer alive, fears columnist.
Lawyer should have shut Floyd up, says Lawyer, who assumes he's guilty anyway.
Stage 17 with a hangover? Amazing, says blogger; comments blast away.
Happy Floyd Day, on Aug 7; passed on blog humor.

BBC Sport | In Pictures, Inside a drug test. a/k/a Dope testing for Dummies
Explained with rule exerpts, courtesy Will at Topix.
Introduction to steroids, part1, by John Berardi, part 2, part 3. (old)
Berardi's optimist take on Floyd, from Jul 27 (way down), so outdated.

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