Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday Roundup

One of the images from the T-shirt site. Remind anyone of Che?

Wheee! I got off my fat Fred ass and did a 4-1/2 hour ride today, in my full Phonak Kit. Goooood. Bad: the kids wanted to play World of Warcraft instead. Sigh.

Soy protein affects TE, does Floyd eat any?, posted on Bicycling BBS;
Paper about soy and T/E, referred to by above.
Petition to investigate lab linked by team estrogen. I am trying to restrain myself from making jokes about Floyd's hunkiness values, and failing.
Still a Hero, says Temecula Valley News
"Market tailspin? Blame Floyd for everything!", says FL paper
Ex-Murietta mayor arrested. Must be Floyd's fault.
Accept he cheated, says USENET reply to my hope.
Floyd is a good guy, says Maggy in Pez yesterday.
Floyd is full of shit, says this blogger.
Public Bad Boy Floyd, Sex! Runaways! Abortions! Marijuana!
Late Late Show low blow, reported by tdfblog.
Doping...Cycling...Pro Cycling...Media...Stupidity
at tdfblog.
Thirst for scandal leaves blogger confused about Floyd
Stop half way, learning to read the news.
Timeline of statements made during the initial period

Rider's Union discussed on Bicycling BBS
About Doping, by Mark Sisson, ex Triathlon Doping Commish.

Hamilton wins Mt. Washington Hillclimb, AP via VeloNews
Good article about Restaurant biz on Free Floyd.
Suicide prevention walk; also prevention hotline catfight.

Old discussion at (Mass, Vermont) Valley Advocate, and good snapshot of the world on Aug 3.
Leno hashed at Media Life; old, from google cache.
Backstepping, a blog reacts to comments - and another
French Testosterone joke, funny picture.
Two improbable theories; perplexity at freewheeling spirit Aug 8.
Adam Carolla Show Blog on Floyd's appearance Aug 8.
I was right saying this was inevitable, crows blogger on Jul 28th.

Another FreeFloydLandis is at; less intensive news summaries than here; page of scientific literature;


wildiris said...

Regarding a comment on the link "Old Discussion", someone remarked how the TdF has become so demanding that no normal (read un-drugged) athlete can possibly compete at that level for three weeks straight. I think it is worth reminding the current 21st century generation of bike riders that the TdF has always been notoriously hard. The original TdF race, in 1903, had only six stages, but still covered 2,388 kilometers (about 1,400 miles) in 19 days, with no set breaks for sleep. Riders were expected to ride through the night. That was in the days before paved roads. Bikes then, didn’t have gear changers or even pneumatic tires. And there were no team cars and support staff. In those “good old days”, before doping, riders could and did, ride and finish the TdF and the only “performance-enhancing” drug they used was alcohol.