Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Roundup

Quote of the Day:

Q:Was there any consensus amongst the cycling experts as to who manufactured the best frame at the 2006 Tour de France ?

A: The best frame was manufactured by the LNDD. link
Tyler lets loose some frustration and sympathy for Floyd; still hoping for shot at worlds.

Laughing at the Beer theory, Der Spiegel throws mud on Jul 31.

Some original, early reactions in Europe, reported in this page from Der Spiegel on Jul 28.

Floyd drives Blog Technology change, too bad I can't get Technorati to index TBV, groan, mumble.

More refs to the other Phonak sporting scandal, (earlier reported by us here).

How he won't prove his innocence, argues blogger on Aug 7.

Or the soy in the sports drink, wonders USENET post.
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Unknown said...

Interesting: with regard to the "breathalyzer" quote from a few days ago. Here's something from Nicole Cooke:

The World Anti-Doping Agency has announced it's targeting four sports: athletics, cycling, soccer and swimming. But Cooke believes there should be uniformity across the board - and she blasted Landis and Gatlin for proclaiming their innocence.

"The science has to be accurate. What's the difference between somebody failing a drink-drive and a dope test?" rapped the 23-year-old.

"The drink-driver doesn't question the science and accepts the verdict. The drugs cheat nearly always claims they are innocent.

Hmmm. What does "the science has to be accurate" mean? That scientists never make mistakes? That scientific findings are never revised? Or that WADA even cares about accurate science?

Does she really believe breathalyzer tests are never challenged, and challenged successfully?

DBrower said...

Yes, I'd say people in general pretty much blindly trust what authorities assert about the science, right up to the moment they are accused of something they didn't do.


Anonymous said..., i am not shouting like will on the postings. but i do find your site a great source of info, and especially like the fact that you are upfront about your biase concerning floyd. the drink-driving analogy brings up a good point...i know of people that fought the breath-alizer (sp) tests, they had been drinking, but felt that they were/should have tested under the legal limit...kind of a screwed up perspective. yeah, i had three drinks, but i was not drunk and i was okay to drive! point being, we buy into these testings when they benefit us (if you were, god forbid, to be hit by a drunk driver you may utilize the test in court) but when the info/results hurt us, well...
i am not convinced either way concerning floyds innocence. but he did go down quite a few notches in my hero worship once he started accusing the lab and those involved of being out to get him...
keep up the good work

Jank said...

I'm guessing you've added to blogger's ping section.

You can also ping manually at but likely you're doing that, too.


DBrower said...

Bill, I try that, and all it says is, "site updated 27 days ago", which isn't much help. Rats.