Friday, August 25, 2006

Saturday Roundup

Starting Saturday early, because the first item is from CyclingNews, and is dated the 26th, having been posted from Europe rather than California where I am.

McQuaid outlines Landis timetable, in CyclingNews. First is the USADA hearing. The TdF title can't officially be taken from him until that returns an adverse finding, or the title would be confirmed then. What happens next would be up to Floyd, how far he wants to take it (or I suppose WADA and the UCI if they wanted to appeal a clearance). It took 18 months for Hamilton.

Blood Doping explained, in Daily Peloton.

He has to lie, even if guilty, suggests BikeForums discussion - Better to be Hamilton than Simeoni.

Letters to VeloNews, from Friday (oops). Cat-4 jokes about dope; "Cycling is as damaged by the disqualification of innocent riders as it is by those who dope."; Complaint about Landis's strategy; UCI is two faced; Test the other samples.

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