Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Roundup

Interbike Times was checking out the submitted attendance list for the National Bike Summit earlier this week and saw this spare listing: "FL". So, there was no real surprise when Floyd Landis took the podium to speak to the Summit on Wednesday.Unfortunately no details yet on the subject of Landis' speech.

John From Philadelphia Bicycle News heard Floyd Landis speak at the National Bike Summit Wednesday and also saw Floyd making the rounds on Capitol Hill on Thursday where he visited members of Congress.

Luna Cycles
enjoyed Carlton Reid's Johnny Cochran allusion yesterday, oh and he hates to say it but he told you so!

The Historian feels that visualization is a valuable tool, still he can't picture himself as Floyd Landis wearing yellow.

Spinopsys' Twitter
read rant yesterday suggesting Landis had an invisible friend, which is not to imply that Floyd had an imaginary friend, like say, a vanishing twin. took inspiration from the wee story yesterday and thinks that IF true the whole situation is complete insanity.

DPF is having connectivity problems for a number of clients. The apologies we didn't think likely have been given, to our surprise and appreciation.

Snark O' the Day:

My only comment on the Floyd saga is this: the lad picked the wrong sport to be innocent in.



Anonymous said...

I'm laughing right now, that you found my Twitter post.

A guy can't post any kind of Floyd snark on the sly without you outing him?

TBV has eyes everywhere.

Great stuff!