Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Roundup

From TbV correspondent Marc comes this summary of the UCI's new Anti Doping Program:

The 100 % Against Doping initiative represents a quantum leap forward for the cycling world in its efforts to fight doping.

Our objective is clear: to give cycling the best antidoping programme in the world.

"Only clean riders should win; those who cheat should be caught; those considering trying to cheat should be discouraged. Together we can eliminate doping from our sport says " Pat McQuaid, President of the International Cycling Union

The new UCI ProTour anti-doping programme represents a strong commitment of resources and effort from all those involved in the UCI ProTour. UCI ProTeams, UCI Professional

Continental Teams, riders and organisers, are all saying NO to doping by working together to implement a series of unprecedented measures.

This programme contains numerous new measures, which will complement the UCI’s existing anti-doping activities. Each one covers 100 % of riders.

The main features of the programme will be implemented as early as the start of the 2007 season.

Programme summary

Unannounced out-of-competition tests for 100 % of riders
100 % of riders will be subject to unannounced out-of-competition tests.
Out-of-competition tests will be targeted to eliminate cheats.
Riders not subject to such tests in their own countries will be particularly targeted.

Blood tests for 100 % of riders
100 % of riders will be subject to blood tests before the Major Tours.
100 % of teams will undergo pre-race blood tests at least four times per year.
Blood tests will be targeted to eliminate cheats.
Unannounced (no-notice) tests will be organised during training sessions.

Creation of an individual profile for 100 % of riders
A haematological profile (blood) will be created for 100 % of riders.
A steroid profile (urine) will be created for selected riders.
An international database will be set up, in cooperation with the World Anti-Doping Agency and national anti-doping agencies.

Development of new tests in cooperation with 100 % of riders
100 % of riders will take part in an anti-doping research programme.
Each year, the most relevant research will be selected for rider’s participation.

Agreement to provide DNA by 100 % of riders
100 % of riders will commit to provide a sample of their DNA if necessary, in the respect of laws and ethical rules.
Samples will be used for identification purposes in the event of the discovery of suspect matter (organic matter or doping substances).
Clean riders will then be able to demonstrate their commitment against doping.

The same code of conduct for 100 % of teams
100 % of riders will commit to a standard code of conduct.
100 % of riders will be subject to the code.

Creation of an Advisory Board
This programme is in addition to the UCI’s extensive existing anti-doping measures:
UCI anti-doping authorities
World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)
International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Scientific community
Political world

Existing UCI anti-doping measures
This programme is in addition to the UCI’s extensive existing anti-doping measures:

In-competition and out-of-competition anti-doping tests.

In-competition blood tests.

Medical monitoring (periodic tests, rider’s medical file and health booklet).

Sanctions in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code.

The UCI’s anti-doping rules are constantly being revised as new measures are introduced.

The UCI’s anti-doping rules are available in full at (Parts 13 and 14).

BikeBiz summarizes the salient points of the new UCI anti doping program with some commentary, plus what effect it might have on the Landis case and vice versa.

The TimesOnline gives a very brief synopsis of the new UCI anti doping program scheduled to be detailed sometime today:

The International Cycling Union will announce a series of tough drugs-testing measures today in an effort to repair the tarnished image of the sport.

The new programme, called “100 per cent Against Doping”, follows on the heels of the Spanish inquiry into blood doping known as Operation Puerto and the positive test at the Tour de France last year by Floyd Landis, the winner.

The IHT prints a bit more about the announcement which should occur soon.

The Guardian, in a piece largely about David Millar's views of the Tour, presents what may be the European view when it comes to the Landis case -- that most people expect him to lose.

Sportspad thinks the UCI has developed this "purge" with its new testing program in order to avoid another "blotch" on the Tour de France such as the one which occurred last year. This post may just be the "snark of the day".

Rant waits for more details on the UCI's new anti doping program, but feels that the public trust it is meant to restore has been damaged greatly by "the powers that be" themselves.

The First 100 MIles Sara Best mentions a mysterious and supposedly amusing "mission" this weekend that involves Floyd Landis.

Lij doesn't understand how people can claim to love the Tour de France, but dislike the country itself. It's a contradictory opinion as the race is a celebration of the land in which it is run.

Thought for the Day

[S]pare me any more whining about somebody getting off on a technicality. You live by technicalities, whether it’s conflicting deadlines for counting votes or arbitrary cut-off dates for claims of actual innocence. And worse, you do it in the name of efficiency. [. . .] You guys just want to make the trains run on time.


Anonymous said...

IMO, the whole "100% Against Doping" program will be both useless and hypocritcal if the sponsoring agencies don't clean up their own acts first. Given the vast amount of improper (and apparently improper) behavior exhibited by various "anti-doping" labs, technicians, authorities, etc., why would any reasonable person trust these same people/organizations to implement such a program impartially, fairly, and/or correctly?

(Whew! Sorry for the long sentences...)

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" (Per Wikipedia, Latin for "Who will guard the guards themselves?") - Junvenal

"And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?" - Matthew 7:3, King James' Version of the Bible

- Northern Virginia

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jesperio. With all this drug testing, will anyone guarantee that the labs are state of the art, honest, follow all protocols and not owned by anyone with a vested interest???? I work in healthcare and can attest to the potential for inaccuracies even in the most diligent of laboratories.

The amusing mission mentioned above will be to provied FL with writings of the "Inane Asylum," a self named group of supporters. We will most likely only amuse ourselves, but we have a great idea for a new team, inspired by a certain cyclist in leather....