Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Roundup

The Daily Peloton's Sara Best interviews Oscar Pereiro and clears up once and for all the rumor that Floyd Landis and Oscar had breakfast together before stage 17 of last summer's Tour de France.

Lancaster Online talks of Landis in a story about ... grocery bagging(?):

Professional bicycle racer and Lancaster County native, Floyd Landis, was once a teenage bagger at Oregon Dairy, along Route 272.

"He was focused, not a social butterfly," Oregon Dairy co-owner, Curvin Hurst said of Landis who spent roughly a year working part time as a bagger before moving to the dairy department.

News 8/WGAL's Ann Shannon scored an interview with Landis in Lancaster. (The story at Yahoo doesn't have the video links working.) It's a good piece with archival video and pictures, but a bit simplistic about the defense details -- citing sample numbers and contamination, which don't seem to us the strongest arguments. The frame grab shows it to be at the Farrington's Green Mountain Cyclery. The site also has a lot of other archival Landis news.

FLITM showers us with an abundance of Free Floyd apparel. Get 'em while they're hot:

Adding to the basic t-shirts the FLITM shop now has long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and colored shirts. As always 100% of the proceeds from all FREE FLOYD product sales are donated to the Floyd Fairness Fund. Stop on in to to see whats new with the FREE FLOYD gear. has a fantastic article that runs down the PR part of the case, and the disingenous comments of the witchfinder generals. Don't know when this was from -- it's one of the apparent victims of my spam filter problem. Thanks to Tom_A for being persistent. blog compliments Bonnie DeSimone on not only her great articles on Floyd Landis, but also her current piece on the inspirational Saul Raisin.

LooseCrew thinks he may have spent some of his time badly, and while he ponders this he also wonders if we'll ever know the truth about Floyd Landis?

Rant considers repeatability of the data analysis pretty darned important -- and you can't do it without the data.

Science for the Impatient (Spanish), looks at the case, and hasn't caught up to the fallibility of the CIR.

At DPF, demonstrating either rumor propagation or the continued excellent confidentiality maintained by laboratories, the UCI, and teams, we had hints there may be A sample positives on some riders. We shouldn't have heard anything about anything pending a B sample positive, and TBV thinks the reports are dubious. Links removed to protect the likely innocent, and DPF nuked the threads. One of the stories has shown up in another cycling forum, reported to us by mail, and we're going to leave it. But we will note that this can be a kind of sabotage by innuendo and speculation.


Anonymous said...

Come on, TBV, remove the link anyway! Wait until something real is announced.

Anonymous said...

I agree with swimyouidiot. If everyone simply ignored the "news" until it really was news, perhaps there wouldn't be such a mad rush to report it (or make it up).

Thomas A. Fine said...


We have two very new users. One of them has friends on astana, and one of them has friends on disco. And they both have problems remembering to capitalize all their *capitalizables.


*if it wasn't a word before, it is now.

Anonymous said...

As of 7:56 central time at least, DPF did the right thing. The threads are gone.

Anonymous said...

Good. Much better way to report the "news."

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Oscar's answer, that they just said "Good Luck" at that breakfast....