Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Roundup

Lancaster Online talks with Arnie Baker, before his presentation on Sunday. But the link has gone bad, sigh. Maybe it will come back.

Rant appreciates that the loser pays, and the case he sites concerns the Irish Sports Council's compensation of an Irish runner, still he's not sure this exactly relates to the Landis case.

Adamo reports the the Irish Sports Council has agreed to compensate an Irish runner for the money he spent clearing his name of charges that he tested positive for testosterone:

The Irish Sports Council (ISC) has agreed to pay Belfast runner Gareth Turnbull the £100,000 that he spent clearing his name of a doping charge.

The information was included in the ISC's 2006 anti-doping annual report.
The ISC report also said it would "review its rules regarding costs for athletes who successfully resist an assertion of doping".
Turnbull told the BBC that the ISC had informed him that it would pay the costs that he incurred during the case.
"We're happy that we are going to get our costs," added Turnbull, who was cleared of the doping charge in October.
The athlete added that he was "pleased" that the ISC had indicated that it would change its rules so that athletes cleared of doping offences in the future will have their defence costs reimbursed.

The wording in the ISC anti-doping report published on Thursday appears slightly vague but Turnbull's mind has clearly been put at rest after a nightmare saga which started last June when he was informed that he had tested positive for testosterone the previous September.

Hernando Go Lightly thinks that no matter what anyone else thinks, or what history eventually reveals, last year's Stage 17 of the Tour de France saw one of the greatest performances ever ridden when Floyd Landis left the rest of the field in his wake.

Wired Frederick puts in a plug for Saturday night's "Champions Reception" in Ephrata,PA for Floyd Landis. The Saturday night meet and greet was planned quickly after the FFF event in Ephrata sold out in under 72 hours.

Pommi is very impressed by the DPF discussion between Duckstrap and You3 and reprints some of it, noting that it is an important thread.

Recovox News goes into detail about Ivan Basso's TT position tests in the wind tunnel at San Diego Air and Space Technology. The "Praying Landis" ,or high hand position, was teasted but no real advantage was found when Basso tried it.


Pommi said...

Potholes and Road Apples posted an interview with Arnie Baker today. It is not clear when this interview was conducted but the blog says "Article to appear in the Lancaster New Era".