Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

CrystelZENmud's afraid that he bores us with his discussion on chain of custody and WADA regulations as concerns the Landis case, but he is wrong as he makes compelling arguments -- why hasn't someone at LNDD been fired? had an audio interview with Howard Jacobs about the upcoming Landis case, and about other high profile doping cases he has tackled. He expresses the opinion that doping has no place in sports, but that athletes accused of doping have few representation options other than himself.

Raleigh Commuters had a sublime ride to work yesterday on a carpet of pink petals, and also mentioned last week's National Bike Summit with surprise speaker Floyd Landis.

Signed Posters tells us that Floyd Landis stood proud Friday evening as he was introduced to those gathered as the "Tour de France Champion". Unfortunately, we are not sure of what Friday or where this happening occurred.