Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Homecoming, March 25th

Floyd Landis will make his anticipated, long delayed public return to the homeland the weekend of March 24th, with an FFF Town Hall meeting on Sunday the 25th in Ephrata, PA.

WGAL gets the scoop.
If there's one FFF event not to miss, this will be it. The venue only seats 300, so you'll want to get registered early. No bikereg for this, you need to go through Mike Farrington at Green Mountain Cyclery.

There may be other events over the weekend. If anyone has the gumption, the photo-op I'd like would be in front of the Landis family house, and permit a dissolve with this Norman Rockwell painting (apologies to James L Brooks):


strbuk said...

Yes, but can we get Aaron Altman to cover it for us?


Thomas A. Fine said...

Ephrata? Shouldn't he be from Landisville?

That's so unfair.