Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Roundup

Lancaster writes that since the FFF event Sunday March 25th is sold out, there will be a "chillin' with the champ" reception Saturday March 24 at the Ephrata Performing Arts Center:

The unstructured event was quickly planned late last week when it appeared that tickets to Landis' town hall-style fund-raising event would sell out. The last of those 300 tickets were gone Friday afternoon, less than 72 hours after the event was announced.

"The hometown crowd is definitely turning out for Floyd," said Mike Farrington, a long-time friend and mentor of Landis, and owner of Green Mountain Cyclery bike shop in Ephrata.

Bicycle Retailer
reports on last week's Summit in Washington, DC and on the introduction of the house version of the Bicycle Commuter Act (HR1498). It also notes that there was a surprise speaker in attendance who was rather well received:

Other highlights of this year’s Summit included a surprise appearance by Tour de France champion Floyd Landis, who received a standing ovation during the keynote luncheon.

“I know what it’s like to fight for something you believe in,” Landis said. “I appreciate you guys having me here.”

Blogs announces the Lancaster events.

Potholes and Roadapples has more about the second event in Ephrata on Mar 24th.

FocusedTrainers, in a post from we don't know when, tells the story of the SJ FFF event, from the eyes of the volunteer muscle, Gabe Rindaldi.

Rant looks at how hard it is to prove a negative, but worth the effort.

Lee Unwin Endurance Cyclist and Coach has just learned that he will be training with Floyd Landis, through Saris, later this year. He promises more details will follow.

Steve Madden's Bicycling Audio Blog from Paris-Nice gives descriptive life to this year's final stage, and laments the absence of Floyd Landis.

Dev-O thinks that he can explain Floyd Landis' positive test result from Stage 17 of last year's Tour de France, and his advice would be to never drink from a bottle of anything handed to you by a fan.

Walesdrgn reports on running into someone who's said to be Landis' Trainer in Boulder, en-route to see lawyers. Could be Allen Lim who is based in Colorado.

CyclesDoro ran the letter from Chris Fortune of Saris a while back, and has collected some interesting comments reflecting a decent mix of opinion.

Bike Racing Culture
gives a lengthly and detailed explanation of the UCI vs ASO brouhaha giving suggested solutions to the varied problems, and then talks about Floyd Landis and differing rules of adjudication.

uk.rec.cycling has a tread on Developments in the Landis Case. It covers a lot of familiar ground in only a few (20 or so) posts, so may be worth a glance to see what the current UK sentiment, which may be shifting.
bemoans not holding the Lancaster events at a brewery. Some details from the DC Bicycle Coalition appearance:

He was extremely well-received. And he spoke highly of the great roads he grew up on, saying that felt extremely lucky to be able to grow up in an environment without TV and video games, getting instead to explore the world outside for fun.

At NWA Cycling, Jackelope gave us a plug.

Finally, at DPF, You3 is finally getting some informed conversation in his thread on Ion Discrimination. This looks like it will continue to be interesting science.