Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Roundup

BikeBiz joins the chorus of those who wonder exactly whose "wee" was tested and found positive during last summer's Tour de France:

Tour de France for Dummies co-author Sammaryee Lewis said: "If the piss don't fit, you got to acquit."

Drip by drip, leak by leak, day by day, the case for an early acquittal of Floyd Landis grows and grows. Landis is scheduled to appear before a hearing panel on May 14th, a hearing he has asked to be held in public

Glenview reports on last Friday's Floyd Landis fund raiser held at Jan Marion's framing shop which raised an estimated $15,000.00. A private dinner held in Skokie,Il on Saturday night raised another $10,000.00. Marion ,who is an avid amateur cyclist, holds some reservations about Landis' innocence , but feels that the least Floyd deserves is a fair hearing.

Things I think About/James Dixson thinks that the mainstream media is finally getting it when to comes to the Landis case, and give a TbV plug. James has been on the case for a long time -- our first link to him was on Sep 20.

Shevdog is very excited at the mere prospect of meeting Floyd Landis in the "hometown" version of the FFF roadshow, and I must admit I echo those sentiments myself.

Rant had speculated earlier this week that Operation Puerto wasn't dead yet, and it looks like he was right. He also wonders if not Floyd, WHO might have tested positive at last year's Tour de France? Who indeed:

Interestingly, when Pat McQuaid made his initial statement about a “worst-case scenario” he probably didn’t think about another worst-case scenario: That someone may have tested positive, but that the wrong person may have been accused of the infraction.

Potholes and Road Apples says the 300 seats for The Homecoming in Ephrata are nearly sold out.

Pommi is intrigued by yesterday evening's rant. He wonders if any of the top three finishers from stage 19 could account for the test results obtained that were supposedly Landis' stage 17 positive sample? One of his greatest concerns revolves around the topic of rider anonymity in the testing process, and if it was that easy for the lab to distinguish any individual rider?

Dread Pirate just now discovered the FFF web site and even though he thinks it's one sided he is interested in Dr. Baker's slide show. Better late than never!

The Valkyrie
doesn't supply any details, but apparently Floyd stopped by for lunch yesterday while he was visiting Capitol Hill.

Neurotic seems to be going through an Emo phase, is sorry for what he did to Chloe (because all her friends are teasing her now), and trying to deal with his feelings... that Floyd Landis is gay.

GamJams likens another "never mind" but-too-late incident to Floyd Landis.

Kuja's Samizdat thinks the sample numbers remind him of "Young Landis", but the illustration is slightly wrong, corrected below.


Anonymous said...

ORG here ....


I sat next to Marion at the Saturday night dinner. We talked a bit. That night was the first he saw the slide show. He left thinking their was a lot more to this case than initially thought and was looking for the arbs to sort it out.

Point being, the local paper did a good job of summarizing the events and Marion thoughts. Now if only the New York Times could do the same in their stories.

Unknown said...

Hey it's James...

So let me get this straight. The Stage 17 lab documents with ID #995475 don't say anything about the cortisone? So we can relatively safely assume that it was really the other rider from stage 19 right.

This is really getting exciting now. Where is our letter of apology from LNDD. Has it somehow been suppressed by the rules. Who's been fired from LNDD in the last couple of months, maybe they know something.

I believe that Floyd is innocent, but he's still screwed until he gets off the hook on a better argument than poor math and poor procedures. Recording results for a totally different rider, who WASN'T take cortisone, would be the silver bullet for the ADA's and LNDD.

This could be the turning point in the entire case. I hope NYT, LA Times, MSN and all the other mainstream outlets are prepped to run this one so Floyd can get back some trust/character points, get some sponsorship and race in '08.

We've all put a lot of time and thought into this...and while the victory of this technicality would be awesome I hope Floyd gets a real apology.

Anonymous said...

30 tickets left for FFF in Ephrata... Get'em now, they will be gone by the weekend...
Green MTN. Cyclery
Ephrata, Pa.