Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Roundup

LancasterOnline reports on last night's fund raiser for Farmersville, PA native Floyd Landis held in Ephrata, PA. It not only notes the humility of Landis, but also the overwhelming support of the hometown crowd:

When the Farmersville native was introduced to the capacity crowd, he received a standing ovation, a roar of applause that lasted more than a minute.
Taken aback by the support, Landis greeted the group.

"That means a lot," he said, while modestly looking down at his shoes.

While Landis' reception Sunday in Ephrata may have been unique,compared with his previous stops in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Landis said it was just what he expected.

"Going home is always the same," he said. "It hasn't changed since I was born.

In a further update the afternoon edition of LancasterOnline notes that last night's event was unique due the the added elements of offered praise and prayer. It was also reported that according to FFF executive director Michael Henson the amount of money raised for the weekend stood at approximately $18,000.00:

Along with the sold-out event on Sunday, a reception at the same venue on Saturday night drew about 200 people.

The combined events raised about $18,000, Landis' spokesman Michael Henson said this morning.

Landis' Floyd Fairness Fund has raised about $400,000 with the eight previous events. Landis said Sunday that he anticipates having to spend $2 million on his defense.

The Sentinel Online posts a few snippets about Sunday's fundraiser at the Ephrata Performing Arts Center noting that Paul Landis feels Floyd may need a bit of a rest.

WHP CBS 21 has a video report from the Sunday evening event in Lancaster, with a snip of the press conference. It suggests looking for a more detailed page with expanded coverage; there are extended raw clips of the press conference, which seem to pretty much cover all of the substance. For us, the most interesting stuff is in Part 3.

The cites the AP and the Intellingencer Journal of Lancaster on last night's FFF hometown fund raiser.

Dugard got a call yesterday from someone wanting to know about the Landis Wiki Defense, then he remembered that Floyd was supposed to speak to his track team who need inspiration.

Rant admits that even though an alleged doping infraction is worth more than spit, it would still behoove those in power at the UCI to follow the well considered example set by the PGA.

Potholes and Road Apples remembers the old fable about the Emperor who had no clothes, and notes that Floyd Landis is one of the few who sees that reality. In an update, P&RA gives a listing of some relevant facts gleamed from Floyd's homecoming weekend in Farmersville.

The Fanhouse presents a bit of a snark when he says that "you", meaning us, will have to pay for any possible hope of Landis being recognized as the Tour de France champion.

Pommi notes last nights coverage.

At DPF, one-mint-julich (OMJ), a skeptic, is thinking that either the F3 fraction is reasonably pure, and a good indicator, or, "people running these tests are either highly incompetent or highly fraudulent", and that if so, it "would be something major, not a simple lab error."

Also, Tom Fine retools his "alcohol may affect the CIR theory", gets some help from Dumas, and disbelief from others. But DPF is having MySql problems again, so we can't get the link to work.

Thought of the Day
We need people who are bigoted, racist, war mongers, tyrants ... whatever. This forum has demonstrated that when those people are active and vocal, they induce an equal response from those who are against those negative attributes. That way, the otherwise mild mannered good citizens get motivated to say what they feel. Without the provocation of extremists, the true feelings of the populus remains unknown. (link)