Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday Roundup


CBS 21 in Harrisburg, PA notes that Landis is home for a fund raising weekend.

NBC Sports mentions Landis in a discussion of the "best American athlete", before snarking, and making the case for swimmer Michael Phelps.

Lancaster Online really runs their piece with Arnie Baker -- yesterday must have been a glitch.

Potholes and Road Apples finds the Lancaster online article interviewing Arnie Baker that gave us a dead link yesterday. "There are no winners here, there are only losers and worse losers", says Baker.

Tony, fighting Leukemia, has had his hips deteriorate, and is thinking about having the "Landis treatment" instead of a total replacement. Best wishes and good luck from TBV.


At DPF, Duckstrap sees two dots that might connect -- cortisol metabolites and unidentified peaks that may have skewed the carbon isotope ratio.

A different discussion is looping around the issue of whether Landis' cortisone was detected, or not detected, reported or not reported or what. What seems agreed is that the data shows it was detected in at least some tests, but it seems not to have been explicitly noted for reasons unclear -- perhaps there was an undocumented discretionary choice not to follow up, or there was an undocumented TUE evaluation. Rare participant Dumas is asking some interesting questions and bringing in good new information.