Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Roundup

AP via of Landis in Lancaster, suggesting the process is taking it's toll mentally as well as financially and physically.

TBV was present in force at both FFF events in Lancaster, and we thought both were more upbeat than presented in the AP story above. The Sunday crowd was rapturous, and Landis seemed quite relaxed in front of the hometown crowd, though a little hesitant to participate in the yes-it-is-Lancaster prayer offered at the end of questions on behalf of the crowd that was invited to stand and join in. Arnie Baker ran through the slides, with a few new ones will discuss when back home with the new set promised on his site for tomorrow. Sunday was sold out/packed with over 300 present. Saturday was lower key with no formal presentations, with about 150 or so present, quite a few of whom were children in awe, a rare sight at previous events. We'll have more tomorrow along with pictures.

These tidbits tonight: Dad Paul Landis taught Floyd to ride backwards sitting on handlebars, and claims it's easy as long as you don't look backwards to look ahead or use the brakes too much. Floyd figured if his dad could do it, he could too. Also, Mr. Landis thinks that Floyd's first bicycle probably wasn't a Huffy BMX, but might have been a 16" wheeled girls bike found on the side of the road.

Mom and Dad, Arlene and Paul.

Paul wears his Phonak podium hat with the bill facing forwards, and he has his reasons.

We also learned places are pronounced Lancuster and Ephruhta, make no mistake about it.

Miami Herald via RedOrbit has toxicologist David Black, author of
"Drug Testing in Sports'' saying a one-day testosterone dose isn't silly:

"I have injected myself with testosterone in doing research, and I can tell you from personal experience that within hours, you feel a profound psychological change, a sense of well-being, aggression and energy," Black said.

"You feel strong and powerful. And your endurance is definitely improved. So, it's not peculiar to me that a cyclist would take testosterone after a bad day. What does seem peculiar is that an athlete of that caliber would put himself at such great risk, knowing that they test for testosterone."

A comment is added by a participant at DPF, reading:
Posted by swimyouidiot on 03/25/2007, 22:13
Personal anecdote is not evidence.

Pommi notes last night's meet and greet and is waiting for more substantial news from tonight's FFF event.

Rant runs over the science discussion going on at DPF mainly between You3 and Duckstrap.

The discussion of elution at DPF with you3 and duckstrap continues, making fascinating progress. You3 is making some excellent analysis, highlighting reasons why the computer data files of the IRMS CIR tests are needed, both by rule and to demonstrate whether the tests were done correctely. Analysis of the graphs provided seems to suggest co-elution (contamination) of something other than Testosterone in most of the "fractions" in both the A and B exists, because the graphs look nothing like those of the reference samples, and they should. Further, the presence and amount of the contaminants may account for the skewed negative values that have been turned into positives. One- mint-julich, often a skeptic, is now admitting that looking at the data is essential for learning the truth.

Swimyouidiot (also above) reads the theory and says this analysis will place the burden of proof to USADA to show the conclusions they reached are correct, which can't be shown from what's in the LDP as it stands today.

Dumas from DPF sends us a cleaner PDF of USADA-007 from a account, supporting arguments he made in this thread there. Correspondent Marc, posting there, analyzes the newly legible copy.


Anonymous said...

ESPN reported that Gene Upshaw has said the NFL players' union would not tolerate "witch hunts", to which Dick Pound responded with another gem of -You're either against doping or you're not.

Anonymous said...

Steroid Nation has pretty good coverage of Upshaw's comments at the NFL Owners' Meeting and Pound's glorious response. It really seems to be a witch hunt these days.