Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday Roundup

According to The Sporting News WADA chief Dick Pound is interested in the post of CAS president. He would recuse himself from any cases that he has been involved with under his present position at WADA. ESPN.com also carries the AP story on Pound's interest in the CAS:

Pound, who steps down as WADA chief in November, said Monday he is a candidate to become the president of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the highest tribunal in the sports world.

Pound, a longtime lawyer and senior International Olympic Committee member from Canada, said the CAS position would be a natural fit after seven years as head of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

"It's closer to what I actually do for a living than anything that I've ever done for the IOC," he told The Associated Press. "I'd certainly be willing to do it."

The Herald (UK) has a columnist who knows something of Mr. Pound, and his rhetoric, and doesn't think they line up well with the CAS mission. He also knows what a Witchfinder General is.

The Arizona Republic reports on the Smith and Nephew Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure that Floyd Landis experienced in September last year. Good results with few complications are noted and though there is little Landis content, it's still interesting and informative.

Greenville Online says Hincapie is starting his comeback at the Tour of Georgia, won last year by Landis. George broke his wrist at the Tour of California, causing him to scratch his planned European spring classics schedule.

Rant notes the Sporting News and ESPN piece above and thinks that perhaps Mr. Pound's tact is slightly lacking.

BikeRide.com wants us to imagine what it would be like if Richard Pound were the arbitrator and the Floyd Landis case came before him. It certainly gives one pause.

Finger Food briefly discusses Floyd Landis' homecoming this weekend for FFF events, and also takes note of some of the difficulties in posting on message boards. You are never quite sure who you are talking to.

Man Beard Blog is convinced that Floyd Landis thinks all he needs is facial hair to be exonerated!

Dugard wants Floyd Landis to give a pep talk to his team, but is saving Floyd for something special.

Team Estrogen talks about the recent Merco Credit Union Cycling Classic Grand Prix in Merced,CA and remembers that in 1995 Floyd Landis raced there. Floyd remembers it as well!

QCTimes.com discusses the irony concerning doping in real life sports heroes, juxtaposed with a fake sports hero being busted for real life doping. It snarks Landis, and is as shocked, shocked about Stallone as if learning Daily Show correspondents don't really go all over the world for their standups.

XN Blog
doesn't get doping complaints about cycling, because it's cycling, and who cares -- it's not like it's important, and it never gets resolved anyway. And if he rode 2000 miles, he want some dope too.

Worldcycling.com is offering the extended 12 hour version of last year's Tour de France at 50% off (with a free tee shirt no less). It has the complete 4 hour coverage of controversial Stage 17.


Anonymous said...

ORG here ...

TBV, just in time for FL's appeal!


hughw said...

Nothing like a fair, unbiased chief to head the arbitration organization! That'll do wonders for CAS' credibility.

Anonymous said...

I know the IOC is an old boy's network, but I hope Rogge has more sense than to put Pound in as head of CAS.

On the other hand, it might be fun to hear Pound continue to make his reckless comments when he officially required to be neutral. He'll probably implode.

Anonymous said...

It makes sense, doesn't it? Pound wrote the book on how drugs are the biggest threat to sports, why we should care and what can be done about them.

He probably hands out copies with his resume.

Anonymous said...

I just read the link and, no, it appears that Rogge doesn't have more sense than to put Pound as head of CAS. Sacre bleu, what a disaster it would be to have Dick Pound as the head of the organization that has the final word on drug cases! Unless we want to see a string of "Floyd-like" decisions, I suggest that we put as much energy into making our voices heard regarding [against] Pound as we have regarding [for] Floyd...

Anonymous said...

"Pound . . . would be a natural fit after seven years as head of the World Anti-Doping Agency."

Sure, just like the old joke: "You got a match?" "Yeah. your breath and a buffalo f**t."


Anonymous said...

"the [testosterone] levels that I've had during the Tour and all my career are natural and produced by my own organism."

That same organism that produced his super-hormones also can produce a super-beard. How could we doubt him?