Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Roundup

Flashback of the Day

Quien es mas macho? Dale Earnhardt Jr. o Floyd Landis?

Floyd es mucho mas macho!


NY Times' George Vecsey puffs WADA/USADA in the steroid ring bust, doing it for the "young athletes whose names will never be in the headlies", not the millionaire celebrities like Bonds and Landis.

VeloNews passes on a press release that will give Landis a training goal for after Leadville: A Million dollar 3-stage race in November in Abu Dhabi, with a flat stage, a mountain bike stage, and an ITT. Taking that prize would put a dent in the pile of bills.

USAToday provides an interesting timeline on performance enhancing drug use and the athlete. In many cases the piece briefly mentions the consequences of the drug use.

Pommi is amazed that TbV has located a Landis twin! And posts about recent (and future) FFF events.

Rant provides some short takes covering lots of ground on various topics, then touches on the new BALCO, Signature Pharmacy, with a pointer to Steroid Nation's coverage. TBV is not going to follow it further unless there is some specific Landis connection.

The Dougloid Papers think that the Landis case had been the cycling equivalent of the Salem Witch Trials.

The First 100 Miles posts a picture of DP's Cathy Mehl and a lucky unidentified fan.

Bitchkittie was in Disney World and missed the ToC , but she has some dreams coming true for some of her favorite cyclists (who have been given Disneyesque names).

Veloguy posts some of his pictures from the recently completed ToC and includes one of Floyd Landis.

Neo, now played by Floyd Landis, acquires a posse of fellow suit wearing Blackberry users at the Tour of California. We learn that the test suffers interference with the matrix, and the glitch goes unacknowledged by the agents. The public at large begins to suspect something strange is happening, leading to a showdown hearing. Trinity (Amber Basile) watches his back and provides love interest. Rated PG-13, release scheduled for May 14.

Mira Sweety posts that the test for synthetic testosterone is highly accurate, and summarizes some things gone over here in the past from the Landis case with a few of the usual suspects referenced. The original article is taken from; and is from August 3rd, when the test was "infallible" and before the complexities started to come out.

The PowerTapGeek pumps the PowerPoint.

DP forums had an outage, but is back. It had a "database error" message.

IPB WARNING [2] mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections (Line: 131 of /ips_kernel/class_db_mysql.php)

SQL error: Too many connections
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Date: Thursday 01st of March 2007 05:34:07 PM

Mysql shows true form.

Thought for the Day

I never made a mistake in my life; at least, never one that I couldn't explain away afterwards.



Queen of Couth said...

Thanks for the linky link! Keep up the good work!
Peace Out

Anonymous said...

DPF needs to go to oracle.

Thomas A. Fine said...

Snarky comment of the day goes to TBV, for blaming invision's incompetence on the venerable mysql database.

Then again, rumor has it the TBV works for one of them there "real" (ahem) database companies. Maybe that makes it beyond snarky. ;)


DBrower said...

Tom, I think you misspelled something. You clearly meant "vulnerable mysql database."

One should never speak ill of the clients.


Anonymous said...

dont store your connect string in your php code. load it into an application variable from a text file located somewhere out of the webroot at startup