Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday Roundup

CyclingNews finally covers the document release in some depth. Gets good quotes from Jacobs and Henson about the reasoning; wonders about red-herring, and lets the opposing side do some more posturing. RoadCycling notices too.

As mentioned on DPF, a tutorial on gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. TBV is saddened because long ago he did some X-Ray Flourescence spectroscopic analysis, which is non-destructive, but seems to have gone out of favor.

Yahoo! Answers collect opinions on various questions about Floyd Landis.

Scientist discussed in Jacob's podcast interview disputes his recounting of the Hamilton case, relayed via DPF.


Biking Bis goes over McQuaid slam of the PowerPoint.

Smoke and mirrors is skeptical of Punk Floyd.
Rant looks at T and E.
Doug Tales says Counting Crows lyrics don't mean anything and Landis might not be guilty. Two for two!

DevCentral compares the release to his training power data, is sympathetic.
LetsKrong wonders if he's been lurking at LetsRun too. With his hip? Surely you jest.

Seans's Blog reviews the powerpoint, and concludes, "these three excerpts are fairly simple cases drawn from empirical data, all of which suggest the case against Landis is somewhere between foggy and complete bullshit. I hate to get sucked in by an accused rider, but this is a far cry from a "disappearing twin" hypothesis."

Crowdsourcing looks and says, "It's a novel approach, whatever the ultimate verdict."

Paula sends this clip from the society page:

Tour de France winner Floyd Landis will make a public appearance at the Canine Companions for Independence "Wheels of Wonder" fundraiser here next weekend. Landis and his wife, Amber, are scheduled to attend next Saturday's gala at the Estancia hotel in La Jolla. But, due to his recent hip replacement surgery, organizers say he won't join the 20-mile bike ride up the coast the following day. Landis will, however, be on hand for the post-ride lunch. CCI employee Davielle Huffman is friends with the Landis family, as well as 2004 Olympics bronze medal cyclist Axel Merckx, who also will participate in the events

We covered this originally from an announcement on Axel's website, before the operation.

Another emailer compares to the Duke Lacrosse team case:
I find a remarkable parallel between Floyd's case and this:
This is the story of the very likely wrongly accused Duke Lacross team. I do not defend their conduct, but it seems to me that innocent until proven guilty is damn important. Somewhat like the Landis case, the Duke case created a media frenzy with a presumption of guilt, with powerful players (in this case, the NY Times, much of the staff at Duke, and the DA) making public statements without the benefit of a clear understanding of the evidence, then those same powerful players finding it impossible to back down from their positions.
It troubles me that McQuaid and Prudhomme cannot bring themselves to support due process. For both of them, the only ethical thing for them to do is wait until the hearings play themselves out. It troubles me even more that cycling seems to be run by people who make the creeps running figure staking seem normal.

At first I was hesitant to run this, but then I decided the feelings of the anti-doping side are probably pretty simliar to the feelings of the side of the woman and her supporters in the Duke case. There's enough emotional charge in each that if the comparison bothers you, it may illuminate in some way your feelings about one case or the other.