Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wednesday Roundup

Quote of the day

Floyd's treatment has very little to do with his nationality. Floyd is collateral damage in a Franco-Swiss shootout, in which two of the major players are Irish and Canadian. link
Basso leaves CSC, silly season full swing. CyclingNews, BBC, Eurosport, IHT, VeloNews; PJ is snarky.

Christian! Varin! Quits! the UCI Anti-Doping Office, says the IHT. This is the gentleman who sent the Excited! FAX! [courtesy Carlton.]

CyclingNews notes Landis appearance in Wisconsin, forthcoming new anti-Lance book.

Sports Economist briefly considers the wiki defense, says "Fight the Power!"
Crystalzenmud buys the Landis line.
Sabin Iqbal hasn't seen anything to change his first impression.
Black Coffee buys the public defense

Anonymous Fortune Teller makes a comment to this post repeating his previous prognostications (here, here, and here) that Basso walks, Ullrich gets life ban, and Floyd blood doped. He's feeling cocky because of Basso. Still looking for an in-depth discussion of the blood doping theory.

At DPF, rational head explains the scientific part of the testing process, TBV wonders about inlet pressure and flow rate inconsistencies, and no one cares. Sniff.

At Topix, Will does us the favor of typing in parts the November SciAm "Catchy Carbon" article, unfortunately, only the parts that present it as infallible. We referred to this previously, and addressed by Floyd personally at DPF. Will@Topix is revealed thoroughly in this thread.



Anonymous said...

Hi from your anonymous fortune teller.

As you saw I was right on Basso. His signing with Disocvery will be announed maybe even today, but certainly very soon.

Ulrich will still be banned for life, though there is a snag because of the Spanish bueraucracy. He will never ride for a pro team again.

Landis used a tainted blood bag for replenishment. The blood had been taken during training when he was using testosterone to build muscle. and it was cleaned badly. That explains the strange readings in metabolites (filtered through liver at that).

WADA is afraid that the USADA will let him go on procedurals or the weird readings, although it is clear that he doped. Very difficult case for them: the effective doping was blood doping (which they cannot prove legally), but the test found testosterone in a concentration/ratio that doesn't really help you win the stage (while still being illegal). In other words, nail him with testo, although he blood doped. Higher justice, I guess.

Anonymous said...

This blood doping idea keeps coming up over and over.

I have heard that blood doping takes many hours and is not immediately effective. True or false?

Does WADA test for blood doping? Is their a test for blood doping?

DBrower said...

There is no test for doping with your own blood, except indirectly through a hematocrit which can be managed.


Anonymous said...

Just dropping in to say what a wonderful job you are doing. thanks again... Mike Green Mountain Cyclery, Inc.

Anonymous said...

Landis is a master blood doper. He learned from another master blood doper.

Anonymous said...

Snarky? Nah, This, however might be Snarky.


Anonymous said...

I tried to leave my comment on Wednesday, but it got lost so I'm trying again.

People say that Floyd was blood doping, but without giving any evidence of how they know this. I could say that Floyd did XYZ on July XX, but if I can't substantiate it somehow, it's meaningless.

How does anyone know that Floyd was blood doping? Give us something. Who saw him, how do you know? What's the evidence?