Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday Roundup


CyclingNews covers visit to the Track Nationals. Picture above confirms he had a visibly good time.

USA Today breaks story outlining parts of the defense, referring to a Powerpoint slide show that has been given to some media outlets. Says that Landis will release documents this week. Ha! We knew that hours ago!

At Daily Peloton Forums, Floyd gets into it. He promises to be posting 370 pages of French documents, and pushes back on some doubters:

Before I can prove it, I would at least like to hear you all admit that someone being wrongly accused is a possibility. The other side has been using words like "foolproof" and "you can't argue with science", even in sixth grade they teach you that nothing in science is foolproof, especially when the outcome requires 470 pages to explain. Just understand that you don't have yet, enough facts to objectively decide. It's not your fault and I will provide everything I have as soon as it can be put in a readable format on my site...

Thursday of next week I will put up everything that I have on my home page and I am sure you guys will find every mistake, even things we haven't noticed.
Go buy yourself some new ink or toner cartridges, a ream of paper, and a bunch of caffeinated beverage of your choice. It's coming.

Also comments on the Vuelta, Vino and Valverde:
I know Vino and Valverde to both be good people with nothing but friends in the peleton. There are others of whom I would not say the same but those two are sincerely good people.

[Vino] is one of the best and I was lucky that he wasn't at the tour. I wish, however, that he had been there because he deserved to be. . . . I am personaly a fan of Vino, he races respectfuly but agressively and I am sure that he is more fun to watch than to try to follow.
At the fixedgear fever forum, a Mr. Pompy offers
Speaking of Dopers, does anyone find it ironic that a busted doper Floyd Landis is passing out medals at the National Championships? That's crap!


Landis on crutches visits the Track Nationals, and watches Sarah Hammer do it to the competition. Reported by FixedGearFever, First Last and Always, and Obra Chat.

PJ discusses Merckx stories.